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Author Notes:  This is a poem about life. 
The lives of our children and the monsters who take them from us. 
Would that all such monsters be identified and confined.

The Fog and the Smog gathered 'round
Blanketing this small seaport town.
A small child laid her sweet head down.
In her bedroom, there wasn't a sound.
Her family asleep in the adjoining room
A home full of love in the gathering gloom
The window to her room was open slightly.
On the ocean air, her dreams danced lightly.
When outside, something stopped just below -
A figure peering intently at the open window.
Though hulking, the dark figure silently moves,
Slowing inching the window up in its grooves
And there laid the child without a care,
Peacefully sleeping in the fresh night air.
It slowly enters and stands by her bed
and picks her up, a pillow over her head.

She wakes up in the monster's arms
Smelling the stench of its heated breath
But she is too tired to recognize danger
Or to feel the horror of impending death.
Then in a bush he chooses at random,
He takes his pleasure and has his way
leaving the body abandoned and broken
Her body dies and her spirit is torn away.

It lives in a cardboard box under a bridge
Near the corner of Cross Street and ShadowRidge
With children, it loves to roughly play;
A sickening game it reenacts every day.
A manhunt begins. Every suspect is checked
But for this beast, there will be no respect.
Police, FBI, and everyone in town is on alert.
They search every place the monster may lurk.
Another child goes missing, then another one.
It makes its nightly rounds, another night's fun.
And despite all the searching that everyone does,
They don't find the monster or his box because . . .

The monsters live among us
in the hearts of women and men
and there's no way to know intentions
before the horror begins again.



  • This was an amazing write and a great take on the monsters that live within thr hearts of some people who pray on the innocence of children. Your story and imagery were awesome. Thank you for sharing. Take care. Sandy

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  • vampiricarrot
    7 hours ago
    this poem is really intense, the only thing i could say about it is that in the 5th verse, beginning 'she wakes up in the monstors arms' the layout of the poem changes where before you have the rhyme in the AABB pattern it then changes to ABCB. altogether a BRILLIANT piece though, well done, keep it up =)

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  • My-Insanity
    9 hours ago


    wow.. OH my.. so sad, and so true.. This poem was Horrifyingly amazing. The way you peieced the Awful truth together was mezmerizing. totally Awsome. but extremely sad Poem. full of nothing but truth. Im Speechless...


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  • Mark Rickerby gold member
    January 18
    This is as full of truth as it is sadness. I was just saying to a friend recently that it's too bad evil doesn't cause some kind of physical reaction like green polka-dots on the face, so we could spot the bastards and put them away. Instead, we're brushing shoulders with them every day and there's no way to spot them "before the horror begins again", as you so eloquently put it. Great story, my friend. The picture is absolutely creepy and perfect, too.

    I hope your 2008 has been great so far.


    • Chuck Johnson silver member
      January 19

      Thank You Mark

      Yours is a very valuable opinion indeed. I have a lifetime friend who works in a prison and he tells me that the entire place if full of Rapists, Murders, and Child Molesters. He says they collect pictures of little kids and hide them in their cells to enjoy and dream of freedom.

      I've yet to understand, when we all know you can't cure them... how do we let these monsters back out on our streets? Stupid. Incredibly Stupid.

      Washington State now has a law covering the worst sex offenders, that keeps them behind bars "a planned community" of their own, until they are retrained...everyone knows that will never happen, but the Supreme Court ruled they can do that as long as they are trying to "retrain" them.
  • fraankie
    January 18
    bery good
    an issue that needs attention

  • death-is-saving-me
    January 18
    whoa thats just brilliant a nice solid finish well done

  • Poetic Whisperer Greeters member
    January 18
    This is a great piece here, I am not normally one for rhyme but you pulled this one off very well, very dark and mysterious... well done


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    • Chuck Johnson silver member
      January 19

      Thank You

      Thanks. It is dark. Hopefully you won't ever hear of it happening again..but we both know it will.
  • The monsters live among us
    in the hearts of women and men
    and there isn't any way to determine intentions
    before the horror begins again

    well described the reality here..a great write indeed...

    • Chuck Johnson silver member
      January 19
      Thank You
      Thank you Sir. They do indeed live among us and there isn't a dungeon dark enough to confine them in.
  • misticmoonlite gold member
    January 18
    wow, Chuck this is a different poem of mystery and
    nightmares to give one something to think about, lol good job,..mm

    . Rewarded 4

    • Chuck Johnson silver member
      January 19

      Thank You


      Thanks. Your critique is worth more then you know. I value your opinions.
  • upperworld06
    January 18
    wow, i loved it...that was great

    • Chuck Johnson silver member
      January 19

      Thank You

      Very Nice of you to comment. Appreciate it.

  • Omn1cr0n
    January 18


    I like it! It really made me stop and think... Good job!

    +- Omni

    • Chuck Johnson silver member
      January 19

      Thank You

      Nice of you to visit. These monsters are lurking...we need to protect our loved ones.


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