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Just A Forgotten Poem

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Someday I will no longer write
I know that day will come
Someday I will no longer visit
My time will be done

Remember me with a light heart
I tried so hard to give poetry a start
But, without the knowledge or means
I lack the words to convey it seems

Picture me as I once was
Not as I once knew
For my friends
are few

I know not the forms
Nor does my poetry fit
I write because I have to
You don't have to read it

Picture me gone
When Alzheimer's fines its home
The keyboard of my songs
Where I no longer roam

I don't have the pathways
To your dreams
I don't have the key
To your heart strings

I have merely my songs
Yearning to be read
Written in poems
Without daily bread

Please, remember me
Please, don't forget
Because I will
I'm sorry, I regret

Each day another puzzle
Loses its piece
Another missing memory
A diminishing total of each

Cry not for me
In the night
I go but I remain
It's alright

Please, don't forget me
I've failed to make the grade
Of your laughter
I'm so afraid

Someday I will no longer write
I know that day will come
Someday I will no longer visit
My time will be done

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  • mysteryLadyMary silver member
    10 hours ago
    Awesome poem...

    Cry not for me
    In the night
    I go but I remain
    It's alright

    both sad and loving...

  • How poignant these words are as my biological rhythms slow and I wonder what what the substance of my memory will be, the essence of me in things not seen, if it will matter. Perhaps not. There is a poem by Peter Henniker-Heaton in which he writes that he wants to leave the world as if he had never been. Clean where he once mused. Still he wrote, and he's gone now. This one elicited tears in spite of myself. ~K

    • I've been told that once the love in their eyes passes from sight the loved will always be there.
  • There was a "daily message" here a few weeks ago that said something like "There are poets who are technically brilliant. These we admire. And there are poets who are honest and brave, who write directly from the heart. These we love." (Very loosely paraphrased, but that was the gist.) Very few of us can write perfectly in a technical sense. I don't usually care about that, unless the language is so clumsy, I feel like screaming. lol But you write with great heart, clarity and grace. I always enjoy your poems, especially since I know a little of your history and how well acquainted you are with the uglier side of human nature. Yet you've still maintained your childlike wonder, optimism and, most of all, kindness. These qualities always show in your work. Please don't judge them too harshly.


  • Patpowers gold member
    March 26
    Well written here Chuck. Very emotional to comprehend what you just shared. Quite the disease that can take us anytime. THANKS!

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    March 25
  •  This paints a stark picture of a disease that takes the mind of so many. I have known a few people with this disease and have seen the effects it has on family and friends as well. There is such a deep sense of frustration for everyone involved but love is a bond that can't be broken. Well said Chuck.
    ¢¾ Touchof1der
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