Poetry By Chuck



Pretty in pink
Delightful to behold
Darling Lover
Sometimes so bold

Beauty seen
rarely in our dreams
Now for sale 
or so it seems

When you give your heart
from the start
Hoping for a lifetime of years
and finding only tears

Where does love go
Does it get replaced
by the Rat Race
where money doesn't flow

Do financial statements
determine happiness
How can love
in such an environment

Do we choose instead
a partner
who pays
for their time in bed

I guess so

The reality is
Money talks
and when it does
love is silent

Better I say
to find a cave alone
Better by far
when shared as a home

Then to sell
your love
to the highest bidder
with a lifetime to atone

How do we say


When that time

passes by



is without



Not everything that can be counted counts
and not everything that counts-
can be counted.
- Albert Einstein


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