Poetry By Chuck





The full moon is shining bright,
with star shine lightning the desert night.
I'm haulin' ass across the desert in flight!
Riding a demon black in the midnight.

Twistin' the throttle to the right,
Bump and bobble a heady delight!
The monster is bouncing along in flight,
I'm riding the beast held close and uptight!

The only shine in my headlights,
is the shine of coyote eyes so bright.
Flames leap from my stove pipes
The kind of thing I do in spite!

Reserve your judgement, it's alright
Riding at night does excite
Danger fills me with fright
Its something which I hold tight

Strange shapes of great height
Twisted Joshua's that seem to invite
The death of a certain errant Knight
Whom may suffer quite the plight

On a midnight steed, late tonight
I ride with the devil in my sight
Shattering all thats holy and right
Dare to ride with me, but hang on tight

Author notes

You know Life's a Highway and there's only one way
you're gonna get to ride it. Kick up the stand and get your Ass in gear!

No Fear!