Poetry By Chuck



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In the misty spray of a cloudy day.
The smoke blends.

The lonely fire atop the plateau.
Is all but drowned in the formless flow.
The Warrior has left his spirit departed.
His life ends.

Help me find the words to say,
on this...saddest of days.
Words for him and all his friends.

I miss him so, I don't understand,
why he had to go.
At his trails end.

Guide him Great Spirit
with the flight of your arrow.
Then to you...he ascends.

When I speak of him to anyone.
I will do it with a distant drum.
He will remember his friend.

Author notes

I dedicate this poem to David Headley. My Best Friend since the 4th grade. His passing is our loss.

The loss of a loved one. In war, or not, is the most horrible experience we can have as Human Beings. But, they are always... just a thought away.

Dedicated to all our missing brothers in arms.... God has gathered them to his breast and cradles their souls in heaven.

Written December 28th, 2003


July 25, 2006
  • Wow, amazing, and touching. This is soooo veauitful1 This is one of the best poems I've read all day. You truly did ane xcellent job, keep it up

  • Jaded Lily
    August 3, 2004
    This is awesome, Chuck. A very inspiring and reverant piece of poetry here. Thank you for sharing this piece of your heart with us. MLP...S
  • empire of dirt
    June 12, 2004
    Wow this is very beautiful. I don't read many Spiritual poems because sometimes they all sound alike. But this one had something different to offer, and, although it was sad, it was also very peaceful. Nice work!
  • fagnasty
    June 12, 2004
    This poem is sad, but it is a nice write. I enjoyed reading it. You have a lot of talent. Nice job and please keep posting your work. 
  • HayHay
    June 12, 2004
    Great write i really enjoyed this it was really a wonderful poem i have to say!

  • DaCheshireKat
    December 28, 2003
    That is extreamly sad. im sorry for the feelings of loss you may feel Seeing as the world is in such a hard time, but hold on to the light and you will come through. i Lost my Grandmother some time ago but i miss her still. i have had to help people through death so much that if someone droped down dead on the kitchen table that it would not be a suprise. My dear friend roberts father Comitted suicide in the 3rd grade and he was left whithout a dad. i can see the pain that he losing a family member went through. and how he hated still being alive. it could use a background but i liked it. Congrats on a good write!  aloha!~Padfoot