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Missing image
She enticed me with her beauty
She intrigued me with her words
She enthralled me with her honey
She ensnared me with her body

I fell into the web of womanhood
I listened and lost my soul
I dropped into the den of desire
I loved and wanted more

We wove and weaved a partnership
We made love and reached such peaks
We planned and plotted together
to achieve the heights we seek

Our love was pure and diamond
Our love was bright and clear
Our love was envied by everyone
Our love was so dear

Then it changed...

How did love end this way
How did it happen to us
How could she do this
after we meant so much

Where are the feelings we had
Where are the touches we shared
Where are the kisses so dear
Why isn't my vision clear

She left....

Now the house isn't a home
Now the walls house a cave
Now the cave becomes so dark
Now the cold enters my heart

You see... I'm blind

I didn't know
I didn't see
I didn't understand
her needs

I failed to comprehend
I failed, my friend
I failed and I'm sure
I will again

All I have is this hand
Reaching from the sand
All I have is this hand
of a buried broken hearted man...
Author Notes:
Just a touch
Just a touch is all that I need
Just a touch on a fingertip
Just a touch would change
all that we could be
Just a touch
Thank You for all the comments!  I'm very flattered.


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  • pearl-dragon gold member
    7 hours ago
    You weave a wonderful story with your words, soft and romantic, sad and maybe bitter and finally so poignantly broken. I was a captive audience from the first line. My very best wishes to you for this contest.

    . Rewarded 4

  • Lisa lurves dominic
    8 hours ago


    Aww.. t'is a lurvely poem ur very talented mucker...<3!!!

  • green20goblin
    11 hours ago

    thats great

    a real heartwrenching poem about love lost

  • nichtmich silver member
    11 hours ago
    Beautiful poem, starts out like so many marriages with a perfect union of body and soul. It ends like so many marriages do also. (Guess you can tell I've been there.) Enjoyed the rhyme scheme in the first half and then the mood and flow changes. Very fitting. Love the music, exotic and in parts with that undercurrent of sadness. Bravo!


  • Climbing2nothing
    1 day ago
    She enthralled me with her money
    She ensnared me with her body

    oo wow this peice is very emotional, the dark lost feelings of the unknown (well money and too much power might be a hint...)shifts that can happan upon a joined union, is very well portrayed, especially with that wonderful photo, maybe alittle more to highlight it another stanza maybe, might give it a more completed feel to it, for you've started a beautiful metaphor and alittle less of 'i've failed' might do it well, yet you've touched my heart with memories in this, so thanks, w advocado dip and biscuits -JAS


  • grannyeri gold member
    1 day ago
    Very unique interpretation of this picture- you have woven a story, a love story from beginning to end - it began, it stopped; it's over. Liked the flow and how easy it is to read and understand.


  • guttermouth
    1 day ago
    A very interesting write... it started off and I was thinking "how cliche... read it a million times" and then it switched, swiftly, as was appropriate to the message being conveyed. It ended dark, without being cliche, expected, or dramatic. Nicely done.


  • Mark Rickerby gold member
    1 day ago
    Heart-wrenching word and ones I can relate to. I can't imagine you're the insensitive type so maybe it was just her, Chuck. Timing is everything, as they say. Anyway, I hope things work out. Loved the hand reaching out of the sand. (Did the line come before the picture, or vice versa? That picture is something.) I'm off to listen to the music now. Nice work, buddy.



  • Tarja
    1 day ago
    I absolutely loved it. Wonderful job with this piece.

  • Asdzaa Nadleehe gold member
    1 day ago
    Excellent write your imagery is just superb, I feel such sorrow and pain in each line..
    Very well done..
    Best wishes with this entry

  • owl-lover
    1 day ago
    i love the prompt of the picture, and i think you have written an amazing take on it. it is very original, and i never would have thought to have written about what you did from that image.
    i saw this contest earlier, but was totally stuck as to what i would write about. i'm so glad you have interpreted this in the manner you did.
    good luck in the contest, this is such an awesome poem.

  • bloodkissed
    1 day ago
    this is so beautiful!!

  • stories untold gold member
    1 day ago

    nice write here

    very well written piece indeed

  • Crystal Lily
    1 day ago


    Beautiful, you could feel all the emotion you weaved into it. Excellent!