Poetry By Chuck



Why do we seek

the treasures of old

Is it only

the hunger for gold

Why do we assail

the timeless waste

of forgotten treasures

with such hasty haste

When the treasure

we all should partake

lies in our mist

because we exist

Why does the glitter

of Diamonds attract

What is there in

our appearance that

so binds and blinds

Where is the heart

before our heart attack

Why do we value

mere paper money

because it buys us


for our honey

When what she or he

really wants

lies not in such

earthly wants

Truly, the treasure

we should seek

lies not in collections

of old

but rather in

our hearts

The treasure of the Ancients

the value exceeding

all others

Isn't as fleeting as

a Dove

Instead it should last






Author Notes:

When two become one.

Written Aug 2 2007