Poetry By Chuck



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Ethnic Pride

We gather to dance our problems away.
Our arms are supportive and our moments gay.


He guides her steps as they dance
and she watches him lovingly.
Another couple moves with such grace
their dance really a song.

And here are two, who are one
in the movements they conspire together.
Over there is a couple who stand and talk
envying all the others.

He plays the music with nimble fingers
and brings the song to life.
She sings it with passionate splendor
and illuminates even the lights.

She sings with abandon in her southern style
and brings such sweetness to the ear.
The dancers move to the beat,
the others listen and appreciate.

So the evening passes
and the dancers remove the gloom
the songs and music play
unfortunately it will end all too soon

Isn't life always that way?


Author notes

Written January 5th, 2006