Poetry By Chuck




I run in an ocean of dreams
from monsters it seems
I swim in a memory
of salt water and clam shells
I exist only in my mind
and I love that imagination of mine
I dream and in that dream
I see the vision at the bottom of the sea
A vision of me
Covered in waves of shivery shine
Bubbles of endless time
I run in an ocean of dreams


  • Wonderful Poem

    Well Chuck, You have penned a lovely poem with amazing rhyme and imagery.

    "Covered in waves of shivery shine"
    Excellent poem of the deep dark brine.

    This was a pleasure to read.You have a wonderful day.

    Take care, Sandy

  • Beautiful write, fantastic image...well done...

  • This is wonderful writing, Chuck. It captivated me with its imagery and I could see "sivery shine," and endless bubbles riding on a dream. I love the ocean, and I love this write. It's a winner in my opinion! Best to you in the contest!

  • wow....i am speechless! this is simply terrific!! wow...

  • Wow

    Was this ever beautifully written. I like the idea you were inspired with "running in an ocean of dreams" That is a brilliant thought. Lovely imagery dripping from your words, and serene feeling your words brought forth. Love the music on the page, adds that extra umph.

    Excellent take on the prompt. Thanks for entering & best of luck