Poetry By Chuck



Every life matters,
every person counts,
never lose your will,
no matter how high the bounce.
Stay on the offensive,
never stray from your path.
Life is full of surprises,
learn from your past.

Believe in angels,
for they are messengers
of miracles.

Be optimistic,
hope for the best.
Plan for the worst
but only the second opinion

When your attacked
fight back.
Keep your spirits rising,
and your heart strong.
First opinions rarely matter
and are often completely wrong.
Faith, Family, and Friends
are strengths that surround.
Be a decision maker
don't delegate, be strong.

For yours is the second opinion
choose strength,
you will never be wrong.


When life challenges you
and times seem to be burdensome
and when it seems all hope has left you,
remember God sees things differently.
He sees you as you are and loves
you accordingly.
He sees you every hour
and grants you heavenly power.
God gives us all hope
in something better then yesterdays
He empowers us all
in so many healing ways.
So, never lose hope,
never let obstacles stand in your way.
Be strong and filled with love.
He is supporting you each and every day.

 All rights reserved, © Chuck Johnson. Copying without permission is forbidden.


Author's Questions/Comments
There are so many of us who receive bad news in a doctors office or at home. Life threatening news.  Keep strong. The first opinion rarely matters, its usually always wrong.  Surround yourself with friends and family and remember ... only the second opinion really matters.


 wishintreeUK on Jan 24, 8:54 
"Home is where the heart is" 3166 critiques, 276 poems.
Verdict: Beautiful Poem

How right you are Chuck, bad news of any kind is always easier to cope with when we have family and friends for support. Our heavenly father is only ever a prayer away and we can ALWAYS rely on him to give us the strength to cope with whatever we are facing, he will never allow us to have to face anything we are not able to bear.

I truly did enjoy reading this one



 Purple Haze Jello on Jan 24, 10:59 
I am a bowl of molded jello!!!!! 615 critiques, 40 poems.

That's the most truest of words spoken today. Second in every way. We sometimes forget that little homage we hold and to use it is like a sigh of fresh relief. So true so true........  


-ButterflyCuts- 6 hours ago 
I love to walk in th rain because noone can see my 1204 critiques, 101 poems.

beautiful... honest and pure words.. written so beautifully'


allforlove123 6 hours ago 
128 critiques, 9 poems.

I have seen so much sadness on this site; it is nice to find such wonderful words. You are a great read. I enjoyed this. I like the lines first opinions rarely matter and are often completely wrong. It is a statement of the purest truth I have heard in a long time. I will certainly read more of your art. Thank you for sharing such beauty.  


janet mary 5 hours ago 
love can pull you through 801 critiques, 37 poems.

Great uplifting words and true words I thoroughly enjoyed it  


kendalpalmer 5 hours ago 
483 critiques, 34 poems.

I have to agree with "allforlove123" ...Great message in this poem. Thought provoking, Imaginative, and I loved your creative imagery. Your carefully chosen words painted a picture as I read your poetic work of art. I am glad I read it.
I think this poem is great in that it sends a positive message to everyone who reads it. I think that is incredible in any format. I also think this site could use a bit more of this type energy. Thank you for sharing your vision and talent. I appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm. Keep it up and continue to spread the message.


 Molassis 5 hours ago 
Jesus Christ:: MORE than enough! 3435 critiques, 20 poems. Currently online.

This is really heart-felt and sincere! It reads very smoothly and is a very gentle and loving poem! You have brought good news in and through your words here of God... He indeed comforts and loves! Well done on this piece... it is an enjoyable read! God bless... ~Melissa


Driftwood 5 hours ago 
O, God, thy sea is so great & my boat is so small. 315 critiques, 67 poems.
Verdict: Bravo!!!!

I myself also agree that there is a wonderful message with in the words you have so poetically written and shared with us all. I know that so many people on here can relate with this or are in need of using this advice to better ones self being and to trust in the Lord. I myself thank you for this wonderful write you have shared and do wish you the best in future pens. Thank you again. Gary