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A night of adventure.
A night of fun.
A night of Aurora Borealis
A night just begun.

A sky of color.
A pattern of none.
A wavering dazzling paint brush.
A sign of God touching us.

A cornucopia of delight.
A majestic awesome sight.
A reminder to us that we are alive.
A spread across all of our skies.

An easing of our troubles, ignoring our plight.
A reaching through our eyes to touch tonight.
A coldly beautiful rippling sight.
A new memory each and every night.
Author Notes:
To experience the Aurora when camping deep in the Alaskan wilderness
is a chillingly silent testament to the beauty of Nature,
the power of the sun, and the debth of appreciation in a human soul.
Written December 19th, 2003


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agazeley gold member
February 7, 2004
  • A great poem -

    Hi a very good poem – I have an Aurora Borealis in both pictures and words on one of my sites ( nothern lights) . . Haha pictures are hard to find - www.poetryworld.us/misgivings.html you might enjoy it – it is not on AP as yet. . It seems we do sometimes have a similar tran of thought – Regards Albert
  • JM Kenyon silver member
    February 3, 2004
    I love the poem, verry beautiful write...I've only seen such a color play of light on television and in photgraphs, it must be an awesome experience to see it with your very own eyes... I don't know exactly what you would have to contend with to camp in the Alaskan wilderness, but I can imagine the surreal cocoon of peace that has to invade the soul when the sun sets there...outside of these so called civilizations built by man kind...gorgeous write...best of wishes...~genielassie~

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    January 1, 2004
    Thanks for your kind words. It is impossible to describe. I watched from a remote mountain top, in the cold October night and the wispy vapor trails covered the sky in night vision delight.

  • Ravenlord
    December 31, 2003
    One of my lifetime goals is to witness the Aurora Borealis. I'm trying to recall a novel or movie that made a big deal of the event, but it's just sitting on the tip of my tongue.

    You described the emotional significance of the event quite well, and I guess it's better that you didn't dedicate too much to trying to describe something that (I've heard) is indescribable.

    Good luck in the contest, and welcome to AP.

  • leannewales
    December 31, 2003
    very colourful and nicely written...good luck in the contest!!...hugs...leanne xxx

  • Lakota
    December 27, 2003
    Hmm the northern Lights, I grew up in the northern hemi, but can't remember ever seeing them! A beautiful poem and Good luck in the contest 

    Lakota x
  • enamorarse
    December 21, 2003
    Great poem really does well to express how beautiful it must be to those of us who've never seen it, but I'm sure not even the most beautiful poem in the world could fully express it's beauty. My mother's seen it and says there are no words to describe it, but You've definately added to the majestic sight it must be with this beautiful poem!! Great form, flow, and rhyme! Thanks for the comment on my poem as well! 


  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    December 21, 2003
    Thanks Cookie! Utilizing the A at the beginning was an experiment with form, nothing more. Thanks for that comment. The matching of criteria was in the "spirit" of the experience...not the substance of it! lol.

  • CookieZeal Greeters member
    December 20, 2003
    This needs to be on your page, as it is RIPPINGLY sensitive and intense with all the awareness of nature, and the gloriful evidence of God's planning!! Wow.

    'a critical review is invited'

    the only thing is, that this doesn't match with the criteria.

    I have trouble with the use of repetitive articles, such as a,...I would just enter each item without the 'a' ..at least every other time.

    This was one of the prettiest poems I've read today! Welcome to AllPoetry, and keep trying the contests! 

  • Rebel Rebel
    December 19, 2003

    Now I See!!!

    A very good contribution. The supernatural light show in the sky. I have actually never seen it. I have seen pictures of it. It would be cool to see the lights going crazy and wild up there. So simple to define but so paranormal to experience.

  • fleetingshadows
    December 19, 2003
    Wow, very pretty. I too love the Northern Lights - but they are such a rare sight now that I live in the city. 

    Welcome to AP, and thanks very much for you comment on Bloomin' Ridiculous! Glad I got a chuckle out of you! 
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