Poetry By Chuck



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I scream in the night
as I realize my plight
and my mind breaks
as my body aches

The car is getting colder.  Frost has formed on the inside edges of the broken windows. You just woke up, and you can't seem to get warm. All you can see in the dark is the dash board and the pale shine coming from the snow that covers everything both inside and out of your car. Your first impulse is to turn on the car and then the heater. You reach out and find the key, but you don't get a response. You try a couple more times, but there is nothing, no sound, no reassuring vibration from the engine and no warming blast of air.

My God! It's freezing out here
In the cold winter air
Where the sound is of silence
And ice fills the night

It's then that you first began to notice things, things like the missing windows
and the glass shards and snow which cover the dash, seat, floor and your lap.
There are even some branches mixed in with everything and it's dark out.
So far, you've only moved slightly, but then you try to look out the drivers side window, and when you attempt to turn, the pain hits. You spasm, more pain, you try to reach around to the small of your back where the pain is the worst, but you can't, it hurts too much.

Darkness crowds my mind
Like a tunnel in time
Where there is no sense
only Survival of the Fittest

Things are flashing through your mind, you remember, driving at night, a large rock in the road, road construction, no warning signs, too late, and mixed in with everything is the cold and pain. You remember swerving, but on Black Ice, the swerve turns into a roll, and another roll, and another roll. You can still feel the sensation of rolling, it replays every time you close your eyes, that dark mixed up sensation of going upside down over and over.

Pines surround my despare
Huge things that don't care
I'm cold in the night air
and I'm barely aware

Your face feels cold, wet, and injured. You reach up and find it's wet and raw.
That's when you notice the dark stain that covers your hand, sleeve, and the front of your shirt and pants. You think; "It's blood, I must have injured my face!"

My teeth chatter
Like hard rain drops splatter
and I shake from head to toe
I'm dying, that I do know

Being careful to move as little as possible, you reach over to the door handle and attempt to open the door. It doesn't move! You try to raise up in the seat, but you can't straighten up and it hurts. Now the cold is really setting in, and your back is a constant nagging pain with sharp jabs that occur at every movement.

You lay over on the bench seat and you find that you still can't straighten out.
So with your back bent over, you place your feet against the door
and attempt to kick it open.

My back hurts
and blood covers my shirt
I can't walk upright
I may die from fright

The attempt causes you to loose conscientiousness from the resulting wave of pain. You wake and still laying on the seat, you realize your really cold, and you need to move, to do something about it. You find that by scooting your body along the seat, you can get to the other door and reaching out you pull the handle and it opens. You pull yourself into a sitting position, with your back still bent, then slowly place your feet one at a time into the snow that blankets everything outside the car and that's the first time you notice that your right foot does not have a shoe on it and the snow is cold to the touch. You attempt to place all your weight on your feet, and manage to slide off the car seat into a bent over crouching position. Then you look around.

I'm alone, I cannot see
the darkness blinds me
Alone in pain and misery
I will die, a forgotten mystery

It's dark, you can't see the road, everything is covered in a deep pile of snow, the wind is blowing, and you can't hear anything but the wind. You look at your car, it's smashed, almost unrecognizable, the roof is crushed in, you can't see any windows, just gaping holes. The car sits crushed into a tree and small trees surround everything. The entire area is cold, windy, with small trees and lots of snow, and you can't get oriented. God! It is cold.

A semi truck goes by, it was close, just over there. You move towards the location, and you find your shoe, you slide it on. You keep moving towards the road, and you find your flashlight, and to your surprise, it works!

Several other cars and trucks pass by, and still you continue to move in your crouched over position towards the side of the road. When you reach the pavement, you turn your head and look in both directions, and remembering the flashlight, you begin to shine it at the passing vehicles. Waving it, trying to get someone to stop. No one stops. You get mad, and can't understand why they won't stop. You take the flashlight and shine it at your face, trying to show the blood, but still they won't stop.

Flashes of dash lights
fill my vision
Upside down
then suddenly risen

You remember that you were only going to see a friend, when you lost control of your car. You remember that the ground was clear, and the road seemed dry, and the stars were shining. What you didn't know was that it had rained earlier in the day and the roadway now had spots of Black Ice.

Still, the cars haven't stopped and then they stopped coming. You stand there and the snow is still falling, you're getting colder and the only sound you can hear is the wind and your labored breathing.

In the distance you see a tiny spot of light and it occurs to you that there may be a cabin there. One of those skier cabins, fully stocked, that you've heard about. You decide to move in that direction and as you do you begin to realize that the distant light was only a short distance away. As you stumble you realize that its another upside down car. A VW bug, on its roof. You see someone crawling out and ask if they are alright. They reply that they are and you then without further comment....turn and stumble your hunchbacked way back to where you were in the dark and cold. (Your in shock and people in shock can't ask for help.)

Its heat that I must find
or a helping hand from someone kind
But, I cannot ask for it
I'm in shock, but I cannot quit


Humped over and no thoughts going through your head, your waiting for a frozen death. Then a voice. You open your eyes and there is a car in front of you. A 1963 Chevrolet Super-sport, blue with a white roof and two men in the front seats and 3 gals in the back. The front passenger has said something. "What happened back there?" You reply; "They rolled their car and are going to turn it over and keep going."

I'm almost there
Hell doesn't care
Frozen at the side of the road
I will die, a broken frozen toad

Then a scream! The gal closest to you is looking directly at your suddenly flashlight illuminated face and screamed at the sight of the blood. You pass out.

You've held on as long as you could. You held on until someone realized you were in trouble. Somewhere deep in your mind, at your level of survival, you knew you had to.


Then 2 weeks later
I awake somewhat straighter
In a coma I was gone
Now the road to recovery is long

Author notes

I experienced this. It was at 11 Pm at night on just such a cold clear night. And I lost my way. To all who live in the frozen north, carry your survival kit with you and realize that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Comments By Other Poets:

  • OMG! I love it! THE best poem ever! I love how it goes from story to short poem. Usually I don't like to read long poems but this just drew me in and I wanted to see what would happen.  To think that this actually happened to you. I can't get over how good this is! If you dont win the contest. the judges are crazy (no offense judges   I love thius poem! Really nice,  No amazing,  No there is not a good enough word or word to describe it.   It was amazingtasticalsuperduper!!!!! bravo x 3454. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no room for improvement. this poem is by no doubt the best!!!