Poetry By Chuck



With saber flash and a certain dash, I savor the essence of battle
There is a ribbon for me, from Napoleon, if I survive this trouble
There, over there, stands my brother and next to him my father
Whom lies in a pool of his own blood. 

The cannons roar, the bullets soar and my brother joins his restful sleep.

Still I fight on.

To win or die is the order of the day and die we will if that be Gods way.

The noise of screaming and dying men,

cannon roaring and muskets firing fills the the air

with an incredible din, more than can be withstood by mortal men.

...And we die, and they die and our lives fill the sky with the smells of battle
our souls ripped asunder by the smashing thunder
and the pain filled journey to our ends...




Author Notes:

The Battle of Waterloo was a final battle for the ambitions of a despot.   Costing hundreds of lives, countless injuries and shattered dreams of simple men who believed in Napolean, this battle finally ended the carnage.   Never more would this petty small man kill others whom he considered expendable and pawns in his global dreams of conquest.   Napolean once remarked, "A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of coloured ribbon."