Poetry By Chuck




Missing image
Travel the roads and breath the air
of a countryside filled with splendor
A place of sights and sounds to hear
a place where you fall in love

Sunsets that grip and grab your eyes
shading them in orange
Beaches with sand so fine
they temp, you, the passerby...

... to walk naked

Streams twist where mountains fall
and the eagle flys
Soaring so high
You'll wish... You..

...could fly

The wind brings the taste of dust
and the scent of pine
sturring the branches
of strange wonderful coastal trees


And trees of red, standing tall
where they challenge your mind
accept me they say
I am the life

... you seek

Hidden valleys
Bear, elk, and bison
all gather to eat

... bountiful vegetarian

And travel to Deserts that stretch
the imagination
to the limits
of your eyes

.... they cry

Cactus, Creasote, Sage
grow with abandon
from horizon to horizon
and small bunnies

... hop

Coyotes fill the air
with the sounds from their lair
as the young scamper
to and fro

... for they know

is the place to go
and live the life
of freedom

... dreaming