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It's said that Los Angeles is a City of Angels
But, the sad truth is there is none of that.
Instead its filled with crime and corruption,
vice and deceit, and muggings and murder.

A world where love is lost in the quagmire of sex
and honesty is left for poverty and neglect
A place of man's own creation and a woman's

This is the world of humanity, that seedy side
that lives in the slums and gathers its
proponents one at at time.

Where flashy lights in the night illuminate
only flesh and palms are pressed with green
and greed.

Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and more
are merely the places the devil adores.
If there are angels they are fallen
from grace and inhabit this place.

On Sunset and Vine drugs and vice
are intertwined mired in the mud
of blood.

We allow this, we created this,
we are this, atrocity against


This crime of hypocrisy.


This....City of Angels




A contest entry

Imagine a world by AllWeAreIsBullets. 1000 points, ended June 9 2009

Gold trophy winner


  • Amazing! I feel the same dear. I like your ending very much. The 4th and 5th stanzas are my favorite. Thank you for entering.
    Good luck
  • oh now you write wite a great reflection of past to present, so hard to believe changes like this still exist, sad but great verses to ponder on and thank God I live in a bit more serene area...good luck in the contest..looks like a great one to enter..

  • Superb

    'tis a fine write, indeed. You have expressed yourself quite well. Thanks for sharing this one with us. Again, well done.

    . Rewarded 6

  • sigh..this is a great write

    it's so depressing, isn't it? It makes you wonder if there's a paradise left.

    I am in love with LA myself, never been there, but I want to live there someday. I hope that I can see the good in it and won't be let down. That would be so sad..

    We'll just have to see...

    Great write!
  • hey

    im from L.A. this has its truth sorry to say nice

  • You Said It!

    All I can say is, "Right On"!. Well thought out and well written.

  • Night Terrors
    June 2
    Really love that pic who is it by that is what I noticed right off the bat really an attention getter. Okay I will comment every two stanzas as I read them

    Stanzas 1 and 2:
    okay not making fun of your poem what so ever but bravo in using quagmire as an actual owrd people hear that and family guy pops into their heads intantly great job on showing the cruption that plagues that city and in my personal opinion almost most of the world...

    Stanzas 3 and 4:

    green and greed hmm has a real ring to it doesn't it. I really am loving the blatent honesty you have in this.

    Stanzas 5 and 6:

    City of fallen angels... Yeah it is at that. I think it is the worst place in the world to live I use to I would know it sucked so badly I moved to oklahoma lol

    Stanzas 7 and 8:

    Wonderful I really loved this you had some great points and some great poetry besides
  • Poem is good, well thought out and written, I did have a very hard time with the background.

  • Amazing!!!!!
    Brilliant!!! and so true.
    I feel rather strongly on this issue, and I am glad to have read this poem.
    Great Job!!


  • Jontrea
    June 2
    this is a good illustration of the irony of life, how things are so often said to be good... and yet somehow they always disappoint. Our humanity has hurt us, and yet has the potential to save us...