Poetry By Chuck



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I ride.  The bike rides with me.  
I taste natures banquet and see her momentous sights.  
I feel her positive energy and experience her delights.  

Give me not the city halls, tapestries and climbing walls.  
They don't impress me any more.  
Keep your Timex watches, IPods and galoshes and instead give me
..... a lonesome prairie filled with the gal I love
 and a flight of startling white doves. (City Life vs Country)

Tell me not to abide your politics, your religious nuts and your heretic's.  
Instead let me hear the voice, of my Song Of Choice,
as the wind blows a tune that carries the voice of a lune
across the water of a lake lit by beautiful full moon. (Terrorism vs Nature)

I don't want your flavored drinks, your rotten egg smelling human race,
nor the sound of your cries
when you can't get your daily drug surprise.  
Nor your habits... bad most are ...from bedroom to the bar
....to wake with more then you can take
... a surprise ending with a wake.  (Aids vs  Common Sense)

Wish me not your costume jewelry, makeup and tomfoolery.  
Clown for me no more with horrible fake laughter
and daytime bore.  
You don't impress me.  
Speaking written words, written by others rather then your own
...that's the mark of a balloon
....hot wind from a buffoon.   (TV)

Don't sell me with your fear.  
Try to endanger falsely with your threats.  
Demand money for your pet....peeves.  
I don't think a reporter at a desk, knows the first thing
about Terrorist Threats and certainly not the solution to Global War.    
Your opinion doesn't matter....not even Dan Rather.  (Media News)

Instead ...give me honor and integrity, generousness and forgiveness,
and the ability to be more then otherwise I could be.  
Let me follow the path of morality,
hard work with appreciation of natures generality
and a gal who loves me ....  just for me.  
I ride.  
Will you ride with me?

Author notes

Written September 5th, 2006