Poetry By Chuck



Dream of reflective waters
cascades and sounds.
My life in the forest ponds
with my
feet in the stream.

Where gray owls fly.

The squirrel cusses at me,
a woodpecker chips,
the bee buzzes.

I eat the grass and bark of trees.
Pine smells waft on the breeze.
Curling smoke cures my meat.

My past belongs to me.

A smell of strawberry
and taste of sweet.
Colors of glaciers and
warmth of spring melt.

Green of the forest 
my meadows yellow.

My future lies ahead but
my heart is here.
The animals talk and I hear.

Sitting on the edge, high.
I've tasted the clouds mist
and felt its chilly touch.

The scent of bear,
my moments
in life.

I feel the bark under my palm
and trip on the root.

Where is my life's love,
why isn't she here.
Smelling the flowers and tasting
the honey dew.

When my clothes become worn,
when the leather rots.
The full moon raises my hopes
and quenches my doubts.

The eagle lost his feather,
I watched it fall.
I put out my tongue and tasted
a snowflake, but when will I
taste my love.

Explore the deers trail with me
run its length.
A North wind that chills us
a love that aches.

What are we I ask.

Come with me to the places
the red has forgot.
Come with me to the places
the white has never known.

I know this land will love us
for it has kept me a place.
A flat rock by the beavers home.

It was here I met him, and felt his cry.
It was here God touched me as watched his sky.

I've watched the wind bend the
trees with rain in its wake.
I've heard the sky cry and I've
felt the earth quake.

Where are you my woman, my life.

Author notes

For those lonely souls, lost in the abyss.   Nature calls and presents you with its gift.  

The Gift of love.   Out there in the clear mountain air is the place to find someone who cares.

Written January 3rd, 2004