Poetry By Chuck



You know I ain't much, never have been
But, my bond is my word.
Can't say that bout most men
I ain't got nothing ceptin' my shirt
a worn old saddle and some sand and dirt

Not countin' the sticker in my foot

I've not even a piece of this desolute place
I kinda arrived here in disgrace
Not even one inch of desert to my name
Not much in the way of pride to claim
Dust coats the only clothes I wear
and I'm not none too happy sittin' here
You see, there's a hole down deep inside
where the empty meets the needy side

You know what I mean, where things can make you mean.

I buck-up and try to hide the hurt
But, that's like trying to hide holes in my shirt
Even my horse left me lame
and walking across the desert cussin' my name
If'n my enemies had thar way I'd lay down and die today
A way out here beyond prying eyes
I know them coyotes would then drop by

Why, that be the final irony.

You see, I never could abide
the way some people try to hide
their evil ways with sweet talk
convincing others they walk the walk
when really deep inside
its a hunger for money they hide

And control is something that they value.

More important to them then Fort Knox
More important than a good team of ox
They are lowest of the oasis scum
Green is their only god
and power is their collar on the dogs

Missing image

Whew! That foot sure stinks!

Have to darn the hole in that sock
or my big toe will swell like a rock
You see, I ain't much at complainin'
nor, am I tryin' ta be entertainin'
Hell, I guess I best be movin' on
and you sure don't want to hear my song
For a sweeter voice you would never hear
If'n I decide to rot yer ear!


  • Dark Geometry
    13 minutes ago Southwestern
    I've gotta say, I definately can relate. Great poem.

  • BeautifulSuicide84 gold member
    51 minutes ago
    its good lol nice work
  • oh now this could do the trick, just keein their
    views within your tales on the desert up in them thar hills!
    Great rhyming too...
    good luck