Poetry By Chuck



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Up with the stand
Just a twist of the hand
and I'm...

Off in the dead of the night
traveling within death's sight
I don't know when I'll end my plight
but it could be this very night

Twisties illuminated by moonlight
and highlighted by my headlight
Darkness conceals the height
Death rides with me tonight


and I'm....

Off in the dead of the night
traveling within death's sight
Show yourself old man
I'm on an adrenalin charged flight plan

Chill grips the air, Death insinuates a dare
and the fever demands more fear
as I ride with darkness near
Death leans closer and whispers in my ear

"Come ride with me this very night"
"I'll take you into certain pre-flight"
"Your wits be the judge tonight
or you'll be OFF in the dead of the night!"

"You'll be riding with me tonight
and loving each spark that flies
while your heart beats a sure surprise
and your hands tremble with delight
as you RIDE with me tonight!"


You can't beat me, this I swear
I won't make the mistake of accepting that dare
But, I will feed a feast to my fear
and adrenalin thirst that always draws me near

 and I'm...

Off in the dead of the night
traveling within death's sight
I don't know when I'll end my plight
but it... could be... it could be...this very night!

Off in the dead of the night
leaving behind all that's holy and right
I see only a grave in my headlight
and I'm ....OFF in the dead of the night!

Author notes

There are many kinds of thirst. Some thirst for water, for drugs, for beer. Others thirst for hidden things, like power, fame, glory. Some ride and feed a feast to their need ...like a junkie fixed on speed...



  • Roses of Sharon commented on Dead of the Night   WOW.
    I LOVE THIS, SO POETIC! i can feel the intensity meaning to describe the rush of ridding, very well done!

  • dark cajun shadow commented on Dead of the Night  
    Adrenalin is my favorite drug also! Loved this piece! i felt as if i were right there with you! You have a wonderful gift for expressing Yourself Sir. Thank You for sharing! 

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  • La-Vie-Boheme commented on Dead of the Night  
    wow this was absolutely amazinjg, i kind of just fell in love with it lol
    greatt job!! XD


  • Raven-Storm
    December 27, 2009
    Well I know all about the thirst for speed lol or just to ride on and on never stop (hope he has plenty of pit stops ) yes understand this write so well hon (hope his seat is comfy to) oh to go back in time and travel for hundreds of miles you make my old heart envy someone I don't know lol, Oh well next year when I feel ready travel may happen again and my 'thirst' will abate for a while anyway ride safe and free my friend
  • misticmoonlite
    December 26, 2009
    so true, the thrist for pure energy and the will to do what you want to accompolish,thanks for joining in
  • December 26, 2009


    this is awesome! the imagery is great, and the wording...it left me speechless. i could almost see this in my head...(wait, does that make me crazy?) lol but really, it is amazing, keep on!