Poetry By Chuck



Where is destiny?
How do I find it?
Ever is a long time.
If I could touch it's symbol.

How does destiny feel?
Is it something I can taste?
Predestined..what a thought.
And why?

Destiny. Why not yours?
Why mine?
Why can't your destiny..
be mine?

I was meant to be here.
"It was in the cards?"
By the hand of God.
Just here, not there.

Destiny, echo's.
Before and after.
I think I can touch it.
With my mind.

I can sense destiny.
Almost as if I had seen it before.
Just over there.
Through that door.

I can see destiny.
Driven by the winds of time.
Written in stones of lime.
By things that are mine.

If I could but...write it.
Make it mine.
Compose it into a rhyme.
Sell it for a dime.

Destiny....yours or mine?

Author notes

Why are we presupposed?  Or are we?   Do we have free choice?  

Can we really choose our future?  Or, is it written in the stones of lime and forever mine?

Written January 3rd, 2004


  • cherche -d -ame gold member
    January 5, 2004
    Oh boy....this could go into a neverending conversation, so many questions.....destiny , fate , choices ????? Wonder if anyone will ever have those answers . I know some choices are ours to make ...as in " do we drink and drive " " do we do drugs " Do we lend a hand when needed or do we become selfcentered " But then there seems to be also a hand of misfortune that can be dealt to us , where we have absolutely no say in it , and the only choice we have is to accept and make the best of it . Okay , got a bit philosophycal here ....so time to get off the soapbox ;0