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I'm a man of constant sorrow.
A man with little thought of tomorrow.

Deep in my soul lies a heavy pain.
Life's hammering, drumming on my brain.

My Soul's cry sounds in the dark;
A Grand Canyon in my heart.

I've little happiness to borrow;
A pile of bones empty and hollow.

Memories grab at me, pull me back;
Great dark things which I have, not lack.

Images so frightful, there is a pain in my head.
I cannot stand; I assume the fatal instead.

Days without end in a clatterous train,
I'm overwhelmed with Agonies of life without gain.

In this winter's constant dark
Love is a vacuum without a start.

The devil's reach is a black swallow,
Gliding forever in my sorrow.

A claw grabs, clasps, my pain.
My life's heaviness, a continuous strain.

Torn forever weeping apart.
Memories shredding from the start.

Diving into the murk of my marrow,
The bottomless pit of my oily barrel.

There is a place in hell for my stain.
All I have to do is continue my pain.

Black is a color that I wear.
A color and my heart is there.

Moss grows in this life of rain,
Tendentiously feeding on my train.

Reminders are everywhere, even here,
In these lines of regret and my fear.

Ending this existence torn apart,
I must reach for a new start.

Help is never in a palm.
It's not a salve or a balm.

The sun's rays are but a moon's glow.
My day's equinox is always too low.

I'm a man of constant sorrow.
But... now... with thoughts of... .. tomorrow.


Author notes

Death and Divorce are the two biggest disasters in life.   This poem dives deep into one of them and searches for a ending to the pain.
Written December 19th, 2003


  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    November 15, 2005
    Divorce, even when you see it cming and know it's inevitable, is a devastating blow to the mind, the heart and yes, even our fragile egoes. It effects every orifice of our being and can even cause physical sickness. I know, I have been there... This is such a true account of the rollercoatser thoughts and emotions that one goes through. You have painted a most true and accurate portrait and it's this way regardless of which end you are on. Hurt runs deeps. Some just hide it better than others.
    ¢¾ Touchof1der

  • Heartofacircle
    October 11, 2005
    this is full of emotion and has good flow in it, thanks for sharing this poem and do so to keep making this good poetry like this, very nice.

  • Jessica Lee 003
    June 8, 2005 
    wow this is really good.. good luck on the contest.. take care and keep writing.. see ya around

    Jessica Lee ¢¾¢¾

  • SineDie
    June 8, 2005


    It radiates emotion, The scheme and structure increase the whole of the poem...I'm sad now. Good Luck

  • darkness is my way
    June 4, 2005
    wow...i thought this peice was awsome..you used ur words soo well amazing job


  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    March 1, 2005 
    Thanks ArrowCobain! This was a very hard poem to write. Perhaps the hardest poem I will ever write.

  • ArrowCobain
    February 28, 2005
    I was instantly attracted to this poem because of the line "I am a man of constant sorrow". That line is from one of my favorite movies, O Brother Where Art Thou. I also liked the rhyme scheme. Great Job. Thanks for entering!

  • Catressa gold member
    September 11, 2004
    Divorce is heartwrenching not only on you but your soul and mind. Years after my own, I still face shadows that haunt me. The what if game of life, which I think everyone plays.. I am sorry you had to face this struggle as well, Take Care, Cat

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    September 6, 2004
    Yes, your right. The poem is repetitive. Its written and experienced that way. In waves and waves of repetitive days. Depression and moods that are truly hard to explain. This was written almost 10 years ago now. During my divorce and it was very hard to write ...thus the 'forced'. Writing it was like living it and that certainly was hard.
  • Gigi Lombard
    January 9, 2004
    i see what you mean about this poem its amazing its touching so wow im seeing it from a different point of veiw. well done wow

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    January 1, 2004
    Those dark places exist even though they cant be seen or touched. Deep places where emotions are associated with thoughts and the slightest touch of mind...brings them back full force. Todays paper had an interesting article. IT said that the more often we think of something the less we remember of it... until finally its gone forever. Perhaps thats what ... time heals...really means.
  • dccrunner
    December 31, 2003
    I really enjoyed reading this. Your rhyming was beautiful and it added to the excellent flow of the write. You wrote about dark places and murkiness which painted a vivid picture in my mind.
    Thanks for sharing.
    The ending to this by the way gave me hope for brighter days.

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    December 30, 2003
    Thanks for you comments. Very kind. Each of us faces that horrible time in life and has to leave the baggage behind..or choose another route. I like Robert Frost.. as you can imagine.
    Your poems are really good. Thank you...write some more?

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    December 30, 2003
    Funny that you should think that. Suicide is a part of such depression. Cutting isnt the only method..and the real subject..in my humble opinion is suicide or it attended feelings and trauma. Thanks for your comments!
  • JM Kenyon gold member
    December 29, 2003
    "Diving into the murk of my marrow.
    The bottomless pit of my oily barrel."

    its a scary thopught to face the world as one instead of two after a relationship ends...It takes time, and alot of empty, lonely feelings to regain some kind of resolve to live on despite the effects of the breakage...you've written a wonderful poem here...best of wishes~genielassie~
  • Tiffany W
    December 19, 2003
    Amazing poem. It's great that a man can be so open with his feelings and express them in this way. You have a great way of using your words. Many people go through death and/ or divorce in their life, in one way or another. I'm sure you will get through whatever it is that you are going through right now and become a better person in the end. Best wishes and good luck with it all, as unhelpful as that may be. Good job with the poem... Keep your hopes up and your pen on your paper.