Poetry By Chuck




The wheels turn

The engine rev's

The sun Burns

Ridin's in my head

The miles pass

Wave don't be an ass

We pass by

Some... won't even try


It's all about attitude

Bad BOY ..

(Notice they don't say Bad Man
Those that don't wave 
Will never understand)

I feel the heat

As the miles pass

The engine sets a beat

No CD can match

My gal rides

Eye Candy

She sits in pride

As my Goldwing flies

Waves rise in the air

Frost heaves the ground so bare

Miles without telephone poles

Year round fun is my goal

I find it hard to describe

this sport in which I abide

my free time

such fun times


The Music shades...

Like "Bad to the Bone!"

Or other such

terrific tones!

I reach the Hideout

Unique without a doubt

But, I know you can tell...

I will ride forever....

Or "Go to Hell"


On the Ortega!

I ain't in a Vega, Baby!

I'm ridin' my Wing

Com'on Honey!

Give it a fling.

Let's go to HELL


On my Goldwing!



  • sewasham
    May 10
  • Sounds as if you've found your soul mate my friend, and that is in and of itself is a beautiful thing. The writing is an extra bonus. Like a good steak, tender and well done. Take care and Have fun. Steve


  • stunning

    piece of poetry, female riders are one of a kind to
    give a thrill to a bike and its speed, nice one here, good luck ...


  • NICE!!!!!!!!

    I love it! I was actually surprised to see that you wrote something that truly threw me off at first, but the more I read, the better I understood! CUDOS