Poetry By Chuck





Missing image
Have you met him
You know the one
with faded jeans
worn at the knees

He carries a flag somewhere
on that black jacket
usually over the heart
Country and Man
are never apart

His wrinkles
line his face
reflecting weather
some bad, some fair
He doesn't care

He earned every line
From the jungles of
to the back streets
fighting crime

His courage
is reflected in his eyes
His head proud
and he doesn't cry

The miles have won
only dusty disdain
You see he won't quit
Win or lose
Its not his way

Have you met him
From street corner
to pub
along Highway curbs
and desert scrub
He has that thousand year

He is not the kind
you question
or approach
His manners are rarely
above reproach

Yet his heart
lies in open view
and everyone knows
his firm handshake
is a guarantee
given to few



  • Rose Angel gold member
    May 18
    A splendid characterization of some of our Nam vets, some of whom I have met, or know whose look from their eyes tells of many tales stored in their psyche. The tough appearance is only a veneer of a heart of gold. Thank you C for the glimpse into the life and heart of one I know well....Deserving of that silver!

  • Hello..welcome to our group contest
    so good to see this in recognition of our Heroes of wars, and the effort you show in relating to friends or foes of the past, great piece here, thank you and good luck

  • BuriedTreasures silver member
    April 22
    A very relatable piece for me-- and being a Vet of the Vietnam War, I can admire your mention of that era within this well versed composition---Excellent portrayal with an abundance of imagery.
    best of luck to you in the contest!