Poetry By Chuck



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Where do I find myself...when I'm hidden.
Bared of light and so heavily ridden.
Where will I sleep tonight.
A metaphor on the floor of an elegant knight.

The eye of the eagle...the holy egoism of my heart.
I dream in color only when I'm not afraid of its start.
So wrapped in energy of a nebulous kind.
On being blue my color in time.

Let the whispering wind at the top of my trees.
Find the lighthearted soul that really is me.
For there is a place down deep in my heart.
Standing in shadows, begging for a new start.

In the dark passages of terminal length.
The sound track of my life and its broken imaginary strength.
Come on come on, don't forget about me.
For I'm deep in your veins, can't you see.

Into the next sun not the previous day.
Mind my trail of tears, that's all I can say.
Is it just a new night or the beginning of a new round.
A spiral passage stained with my blood on the ground.

Life,  please surround me, wrap me in your embrace.
Give me back my feelings, rid me of this emotional haste.
Mythic Dreamer, Sacred Spirit heal my soul.
My wishes of happiness fill my spiritual hole.

Its warm in your house and freezing in mine.
How ruefully I long for the passing of this time.
Dream weaver grasp me with your tenuous wisps.
Tear from me the dark, put a flute to my lips.

Author notes

Life bides it time in many burdened days.   Levying heavy fines along the way.

Written December 20th, 2003