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The people have spoken in this country...
and once again, they have reaffirmed the need..
to stand firm till the end.

No more Vietnam's will we suffer.
No more protesters will sway our minds.
No more nay Sayers will we tolerate.
We will track and eliminate...

...Terrorists and their kind.

The House, the Senate, the White House..
all agree...
Its time to stop the second guessing.
Its time to back our troops ...

..and set Iraq free.

Author notes

Comment if you like.  Leave your thoughts behind.  But the truth is ... we have made up our minds.   We will prevail, we will set them free.  Even when the cost..is personal..as it is with me.
Written November 4th, 2004


  • Everglow
    January 1, 2006
    I liked you poem Chuck I have to agree wholly.

  • artis
    June 9, 2005
    amazing....no rebuttal to the immense production of heroin, which recently killed a young man of 18 in my area, by afghan democratic farmers, after all of this time. so we set up heroin dealers all over afghanistan, let bin escape to a place of no consequence, most likely a saudi arabian castle, and we are approaching 1700 dead doing standby and wait duties in Iraq, meanwhile they are I repeat ARE building 18 bases in Iraq, for permanent duty stations there while they are closing bases all over the u.s. and putting thousands out of work, no Hundreds of thousands out of work if you count the surrounding towns and cities...this shit is really working georgey baby!!!
    how dumbya can we get????``Artis

  • artis
    January 12, 2005

    Above is a real photo of an Afghan man
    tending his immense fields of poppies.
    They grow on Bushes spreading the limbs of freedom.

    Production of heroin,
    in poppy fields
    that dot Afghanistan
    supply at this date
    almost 75% of the
    world's needs,
    this was drastically reduced
    under threat of death,
    when the Taliban ruled,
    we have basically established
    a democracy that is free
    to ship poison to our
    own children daily....
    and still have not caught
    the son of a bitch who
    directs it all,
    and laughs at our
    puny election raised
    in the heroin capital
    of the world.....God help us....

    Repoppy-cans(repuglicans) unite!
    it is such a good cause
    establishing freedom for all
    as the teens here snort
    and the many masses inject
    the spoils of that war.

    There are over 65,000 news releases on this topic on Yahoo alone, many about the DEA and the White house's efforts to try and quell this deluge, perhaps they will have as much success in this war on drugs as they have back home...hmmmmmmmmm!

    U.S. Newswire : Releases : "Afghanistan Heroin Surge to World's Number One..."
    ... Afghanistan Heroin Surge ... allowing Afghanistan to ... Afghanistan, after a two-year lapse, is "the world's largest cultivator and producer" of opium and heroin, according to the 2004 ...

    quote from Rage: how many of the extreme view it and they are most likely right in a lot of what they say.
    After financing, training and supplying arms to the Taliban and Bin Laden in attempt to chase the Russians out of Afghanistan, the administration turned against them because the Taliban burned the poppy fields for religious reasons. This deprived them of an annual profit of an estimated 300 billion USD. Within one month after the Taliban were chased away, the fields were restored. One would think the victorious party would have different priorities in a country devastated by war, but the revival of the heroine trade was in fact their main objective


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  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    December 12, 2004
    The first freely elected President of Afganistan has taken office. The elections went off with little in the way of combat. That single event of such significence was largely ignored by the Major Networks who in their bias refuse still to see the benefits of our sacrifices and our ongoing efforts to bring freedom to others. I'm not a big believer in God, but I hope he will watch out for those brave men and women who have chosen to lead in the new Governments for the People by the People. Perhaps as time passes, our MN's will come to realize that Great Things can be accomplished in politics as well as in construction. Until they quit their bias, I'm afraid that will never happen. I see positive aspects of both sides, but I also see the results. I weigh both of them and I go with the side which produces the results rather than the side which decries them. That method of evaluation varies as the time and issues change...guess that's why I'm a independent and not a party follower of either party. I believe the fastest growing political group is the "independent" movement. I don't mean to imply a third party or fourth..lol. But, rather a growing number of unassociated people who will vote their individual values and not the bias of any party. I see this movement increasing with each Presidental election that in the way of such things becomes more and more ugly over time. I feel disgust with the taunts, the accusiations, the lies, the pointed fingers, and all the other ugly aspects of politics. I think most people also feel that way or are moving in that direction. The next few elections will be interesting to say the least.

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    December 12, 2004
    You raise some interesting ideas. I will enjoy researching the Body Armor thing on the internet and get some stat's. However, other then committing the infraction of Martail Law to get more production? Hmm. I like the challenge of obtaining insites into such things. May we both and anyone else who desires, gain some measure of increased awareness and insite into our troops production.

    In a side remark, I'm currently involved in the Toy's for Tot's that is supported by the Marine Corp. I also have already designed and produced a book on Combat Desert Survival for our troops over there. In my years as a S.E.R.E. Instructor I spent 5 of them in Vegas helping and overseeing the development of a CDS course which was the precursor to all these courses now taught in the military. Our little 10 man unit was dedicated to the task by the Pentagon and we managed to in some small significant way, develop a truly effective series of steps that each individual could use to aid in Rescue and Recovery if ever alone behind enemy lines. I spent 21 years in the military and would like to complement those who served in our forces in all wars.

  • artis
    December 12, 2004
    Suddenly Body armor Is a hot commodity!!!
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    10,700 maimings
    and 1,282 deaths later
    with full knowledge of the
    ferocity of the Iraqis
    and of their capability
    to use roadside bombs since 1993
    all of a sudden body armor
    is a hot commodity
    what an oddity
    was it not considered
    in the rush to war
    that perhaps Fiberglass Humvee
    and not enough body armor
    and heavy equipment armor
    might be costly
    to the boys we so willingly lent
    to secure a Saddam, sad damn war
    I am willing to bet
    after reviewing the many lists
    of the wounded and the dead and their causes
    which I have been following
    daily ever since the start
    that almost half or more were directly
    attributed to lack of armor
    that is unforgivable and a tragedy
    of insurmountable proportions
    regardless of whether you are a demoncrat
    or a repuglican or an independent
    we must never rush into a war
    without all the proper equipment needed
    unless it is of the scale of Pearl Harbor
    where men in there boxer shorts
    fought off Japanese planes with M-1 rifles
    because they were caught UNPREPARED!!!!

    Would a couple of months more
    to go into World War II style
    production, to shield all vehicles
    and human flesh with a united effort
    that would have boosted war manufacturing
    and employment at a dire time been much better
    than to state to boys about to be deployed
    "You go with what the army has and make do????
    "Is that good enough for your sons and daughters"
    and don't tell me about hindsight!
    I was arguing this same point over two years ago
    calling for Ground troops, and snipers
    in Afghanistan to capture or Kill that sonofabitch Bin
    as well as calling for body armor and Humvee armor
    in all the papers that had the balls to print it
    check my poetry!
    But now that foresight is hindsight
    and our troops are in gun sights
    and in direct line of roadside explosives
    we talk about the need to armor them fully
    F O O L Y these words spill
    from the miscalculating in charge
    while our boys charge into insurgent filled towns
    dying for the lack of Kevlar and steel plate
    as they serve the richest country and men in the world
    let Mr, Rumsfield, drink a bit of "rum" before
    he goes into the "field" of battle
    in a fiberglass Humvee and khakis over bare flesh
    and see how it feels to be totally unprotected
    from the many weapons being flung at him
    perhaps he will see the light
    through the many holes in his khakis
    and his flesh and beg preparation
    next time around!!!!

    and don't call this a political attack
    it is written to bring awareness to all
    who like me, support the troops and demand
    only the best for them.

    P E A C E -----OUT!

    P.S. Don is on my ignore list, he was unable to handle my response to his stance, and placed me on his ignorel ist, so i returned the favor. Chuck on the other hand disagrees but does so poilitely and invites interaction, big difference! Artis

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  • artis
    December 12, 2004

    On Soldiers Aren't To Blame!!
    artis 22 hours ago
    Art is and will be eternally revealing:
    6502 critiques, 1354 Poems.... said:
    I am currently in the process
    of gathering 240 some boxed lots
    of hundreds if not a couple of thousand
    or more needed items for the men
    at Walter Reed hospital from families
    in my area at a school and will be sending them
    in mid to late Jan.- Feb. during the lull that
    comes after the massive splurge of donations
    they get at Christmastime,
    this will extend into march
    and April so they are never
    in need of items.
    If you wish to support your troops
    aside from verbally,
    contact the U.S.O.
    in your area and they will e-mail you
    a list of things these men need.
    All of this yammer from some on here
    about how no one supports the troops,
    but nothing about what they do...
    you excluded, gracefulfury you are young
    and your poem is a form of supp rt....
    could be put to good use...and help offered.
    Items needed include,
    sweat pants /all sizes,
    gym mesh or sweat shorts
    T-shirts (only appropriate sayings)
    flip flops for the shower
    slippers or shoes
    11m 13 14 15 and women's sizes
    slipper sox
    sports bras
    female underwear
    thinner sizes,
    these girls are
    wounded and bedridden
    boxers all sizes
    hygiene items
    stationary supplies
    including stamps cause
    there is no free mail
    McDonald's and subway coupons,
    there are two small restaurants
    at Walter Reed hospital
    disposable cameras
    phone cards!!!!
    reading material
    (paperbacks that
    men and women soldiers would enjoy
    lap blankets
    hand held games
    Cd's and CD players
    DVDs as well
    no pornographic or pork products please.

    so....SO lets put our gifts where
    our mouth is and help the wounded,
    amputated and maimed souls
    who you so proudly support
    in words........and who I defend daily
    and champion against the miscalculating
    who sent them there and have left them
    there well over their terms
    guarenteeing most a trip
    to walter reed and a need
    for some home goodies.....thanks...Artis

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    December 9, 2004
    Thanks Don for your reply to this. I have been offline while moving. Finally back online tonight. I think in answer to Artis... The sec of def recently said when told that our troops did not have enough of everything.... "We fight with the Army we have." So true. If there were enough of everything to give them...does anyone really believe we would not give it? Hardly. Our money is limited, our time is shortened, and our logistics are burdened....but we will prevail.

  • haikumonk
    November 21, 2004
    Right on the money. We will prevail and the terrorists will fall under our feet - and should. This is not something we can negotiate. This is something that humankind must stand together, united, and destroy. Shame on the people that think this isn't our problem. Shame on the narrow minded that sit on their fat arse watching tv while children are being raped and murdered by the thousands. It is a horrible thought to stand by and do nothing. Thank goodness for people like you who believe it is ok to forcefull step in and put a stop to something like what is going on in Iraq. Thanks goodness Saddam has been removed and his family is dead and gone... where they can hurt children NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope we go everywhere that has the same circumstances and we put a stop to it. Sometimes you just can't turn the other cheek..... that's the facts.

    Well written.


  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    November 20, 2004


    Finding a man who is protected by so many and admired by so many for his attempt to stand against the most powerful country in the world is a almost impossible situation. Like finding a rat hiding in a mole hole in Iraq Purely luck. Truth is finding him is not as important as destroying his entire structure. We do not need a martyer we need a complete distruction of his organization. We have almost done that. Iraq is experiencing all you have said from the outside sources. It may be necessary to go into Iran. Hope not, but it may be. Iran is exporting and has been exporting terrorism. Does anyone think for even one second that they will stop just because "kerry" asked them? lol. Not hardly.

  • artis
    November 19, 2004
    Please note I support the troops there one thousand, one hundred and twenty two percent, and hope that number never gets raised much higher then that, They were sent to do a job, but were not giving adequate forces or equipment, that is fact, and the only ones to blame are the ones who are still in power......semper fi guys....I would fight with you and for you and take a bullet for you, and may have to when the old reserves are called up here, but I would take no bullet for the administration as it stands, it is corrupt, and misleading, and has yet to avenge 9/11 properly.

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    November 6, 2004
    The truth of the matter is... there is a cost to everything, regardless of what it is. Everything has a price and every action has an equal and opposite reaction... Those are simple facts of life that we muct accept. I would hope and pray that regardless of what ones views are of war itself, people would support our troops, the men and women who so diligently and selflessly serve our country. I think it should be fairly easy to see that there is no fame and fortune in store for those who serve our country. They do so out of love. Great poem Chuck!

  • kvwriter silver member
    November 5, 2004
    Wow! Nobody else commented? I do agree the people of Iraq want democracy. I've got a son, and two cousins who have sent me pictures and testimonials of the truth. No, I would never want war, but I could not sit back and watch human suffering and do nothing. Right now, no matter how we feel about the war, our troops need our support and they need it now! Thank you, Chuck. (Can you help me down from the podium? LOL!) Pen on friend and keep doing what you do best! (((HUGS))))-Kel