Poetry By Chuck



Missing image
From the corporate office to the gym
I've moved up the ladder of confinement
until I'm jailed in my own achievements
The concrete jungle has claimed another
and added me to its list of casualities

My bro.... chose a different route
His direction is wild and free
He works when he wants
and rarely knows the time

I wear the uniform of the gentleman
He wears the jeans of a handyman
I speak the words of an engineer
He repairs anything

I don't understand why
I feel so confined
I don't understand why
His life .... I wish were mine

Why is it that this would appeal?
What is it that makes this desireable?

Then.... he stopped in to visit
bringing a motorcycle.
I bought it


Over 120,000 miles on a bike in under four years!
Over 120,000 miles of smiles
Over 120,000 miles of dust, dirt, sweat and some tears.

I Ride!

My mount isn't pretty.
My ride isn't much.
My steel monster is hardly such.

But, I ride!

They say, "It's not what you ride, it's that you ride!"

How true.

You want freedom?  Do you desire to be unshackled?
Drop the chains of bondage and join us in the land of the free
on steel chariots adding mileage and smiling....

Come Ride With Me!!!!!!!

Put on the Leathers
Don the duds
Wear the marks of mileage
and SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quit being a WANTABE
Come Ride!
You'll Be FREE!
Author Notes:
Anyone ride?
http://www.pashnit.com/ for great motorcycle stuff!