Poetry By Chuck



Bring them all down
All of them
They are our soldiers
Our brothers
Our friends

Today you topped a hill
Today you came to kill
Today you became men
Today you met real friends

Heros lay before you in shouds
Crosses in the sun
Shadows dark and long
But, the fightings just begun

Cross the fields at the ready
Remember that your steady
when the fighting begins
Until it ends

Your strength is needed
for those ahead
Learn from those left behind
Lessons from the dead

When the fighting is done
Before a civilian you become
Stop and remember
That time in May

When your life was on the line
and your friends lay wounded and dying
thank your God
for their short lives

Because there is no why
in who lives or dies

You may ask
But, the answer is never there.

Author Notes:

Written in tribute to the last major offensive in the Vietnam War.   A 10 Day battle for a mound of dirt in South Vietnam. "This battle took place in the A Shau Valley along South Vietnam's northern border with Laos. Here, On 14 May, 1969 ARVN units and American troops of the 101st Airborne Division assaulted Hill 937--Ap Bia Mountain, or "Hamburger Hill"--about one mile from the Laos frontier. The initial attacks were repulsed by entrenched NVA forces and the action became a battle of attrition between opposing infantry forces. Finally, after nine assaults over six days of heavy fighting in which severe losses were incurred US and ARVN forces took the hill--only to abandon the virtually worthless objective several days later. The battle had occurred only because NVA forces had elected to stand and fight where the terrain was to their advantage; once the US committed large forces, the NVA forces withdrew across the Laos border."