Poetry By Chuck



In the darkened room,
far from the light,
sits the gentleman,
who bravely faces life.

His demeanor is of peace,
quiet, silent and calm.
His eyes are close in comfort,
his mind composing another poem.
He has drifted with the wind outside,
to a place no longer found.
His creativity no longer shines,
in the fascinated reader minds.

He leaves behind such trivia,
he shares no longer his thoughts.
He fosters only new horizons,
and deeply felt forget-me-nots.

If he could he would say good by,
He would do it with a flare.
But, such things are not his nature,
and thus he cannot share.

Author notes

 If I were to say goodby.... Which I'm not.    But, how would you say GoodBy to all that mattered to you?

Written September 30th, 2004