Poetry By Chuck




As she sits and watches the evening
The horses wait for sleep.
Her thoughts sway towards her heart.
Her longing runs deep.

She hears the small night sounds
and smells the condensing dew.
Fog wisps between the distant mountains
and her thoughts are many, then few.

She feels contentment with her life,
but longs for a companion.
Her friends watch her profile
as her gaze wonders the sky.

The evening chill has yet to set
and she is warm in the sunset.
Small things scurry in the dark.

...she has a yearning heart...

Author notes

A lonesome place (ranch) needful things (romance) and a yearning heart.
Written August 31st, 2006

September 3, 2006
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  • Beautiful Imagery

    I have always loved the first stirrings of a summer morning watching the horses in the field, some mostly still laying on the sun kissed grass... the next and a close second would be what you speak of here, you paint a beautiful awe-inspiring picture here Chuck, the solitude leaps from the page, enfolding your reader in rapture of the promise of a special evening before the sun goes down.

    Well Done!

    I truly did enjoy reading this.


  • Circuitsboard
    September 2, 2006
    Now THAT is my kind of picture, my kind of place. I have spent a few cold, lonely nights on the prarie with just my horse, and this took me back there. Thank you.
    Excellently written!