Poetry By Chuck




He has a special place in his heart
that most don't understand.
A place that loves to run
across this wondrous land.

He sees things that others disdain,
or promptly pass on by.
Things they feel are unimportant
or they just can't seem to abide.

He drinks from the mountain streams
and tastes their purity.
He has traveled far but not always
with absolute certainty.

The wonders of his travels
are mostly small in size.
A snowflake here, a cougar track there,
all are loved and prized.

Its when you look at him
and directly into his eyes;
That you see the wonders he has seen,
certainly a surprise.

His mind is full of hope,
his eyes full of love;
And his touch is honest,
abet covered with natures glove.

Author notes

Missing image

If you can't see the beauty that Nature has displayed.
If you can't understand the song of a spring bubbling away.
Then your loss is much more than just another day.
Its the loss of innocence and the song of Natures Way.
Written April 7th, 2004


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