Poetry By Chuck



There is always hope.

When the colors no longer light your sky.
When the ugly thoughts no longer pass by.

When all seems to be uncertain.
When your mind seems to be determined,
to depress...

There is always hope.

It doesn't take sight to write.
It doesn't take pen nor paper to compose.
It takes only a mind so disposed.

Even without the use of his arms,
nor the strength of his legs,
his mind opened the cosmos to us...

There is always hope.

When his voice sang out,
and his fingers played,
he blindly led us in his musical way.

As he sat in his chair and wrote,
some of the finest of poems,
this poet... never walked.

There is always hope.

Your world is what you make it.
Your world can only be described by you.
Your world is full of love...
...it takes only inner sight to view.

There is always hope.....

Author notes

Medical advancements are happening every day.  New tissues from animal sources, new technology, new tools, new professional thinking.  Even in darkness Ray Charles faced his life with an upraised head and through his songs he braved the world and made it a better place.   You can reach the world through your poems.  It just takes a pen, paper, and a place to write.....
Written February 4th, 2005



  • MisticMoonlite gold member
    October 20, 2005
    Chuck this is a so true inspirational piece,Ray Charles along with many others give hope every day,to the disabled/handicapped, and even to me..Hope Peace,Love,and Endurance are most helpful in remembering to care and respect life..and search for new beginnings for cures in all illnesses.. thank you for sharing..Linda

  • kvwriter silver member
    October 20, 2005
    Thank you for this, Chuck. Really does describe the human spirit and how hope can make all the difference in the world. I already feel stronger, and I'll grow in all good ways each and every day. Bless you! ((HUGS))--Kel

  • Porcelain Doll
    February 4, 2005
    This is a beautiful and inspirational piece! I really enjoyed it  You strike me as someone people would follow to war... heh Random thought  The only line I didn't think really fit was "When the ugly thoughts no longer pass by." I'm not sure how it can be fixed.. but yeah. I really love this  Best of luck, and thanks yea 

  • wishintreeUK
    February 4, 2005

    Superb Write!

    This is a remarkable, upbuilding poem Chuck, your words are so very encouraging... sometimes, life does lay at our feet more than we are able to cope with, yet, we still continue to look beyond the "now" strive to keep some normality and hope for the best. Some do have adversities that can seem almost beyond human endurance, yet, somehow, they cope wonderfully well despite that.

    A superb poem Chuck,

    Well Done!


  • Fool no1
    February 4, 2005
    This has to be your best yet Chuck.So much so that I should like to print this off and pin it up to serve me as a reminder that no matter what our place in life , we can all strive to make it a little better. A truly excellent piece well done friend.Glad to see you back with a new strength. Take care...mal