Poetry By Chuck



I am but a speck in a landslide.
Caught and only along for the ride.
I am but a bubble in a mountain stream.
Never noticed, seldom seen.

I am but a blade of grass in a meadow.
Standing tall, but so are all.
I am but an ant in an anthill.
One of many ...but still...

All that I am, I believe,
can't tell the story you see.
When I pass you'll need,
to watch or you'll step on me.



Author notes

Written August 19th, 2004


  • Xx Alice xX
    September 6, 2004
    Oh, but some of us notice the bubble on the river, the ants, even the blades of grass. I tend to think a wee bit deep. Although I feel like I blend into happenings of today myself. very nice poem.

  • Duana gold member
    August 29, 2004
    wow Ilove the first stamza.

  • BattleOfBlood
    August 22, 2004


    Even the smallest of things, have a purpose and a reason. And i cant see you as an ant, i may not know you but from your work i have read i wouldnt consider you an ant, maybe a huge,strong, tree with deep roots and branches reaching up to the sky!

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    August 20, 2004
    Ty all of you. I'm proud to have such friends in AP.

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    August 19, 2004
    Hmmm....I can see the resemblance between you and a tall, proud blade of grass, (as long as there's no puppy pee on it) but an ant in an anthill??? Nope! No way! Sorry! Just don't that one! Nor are you only along for the ride. THAT is definitely not you! You have been, and continue to be, involved in far too much to ever say you are just along for the ride and you continue to touch the lives of others with your words, your acts of kindness and the way you continue to keep in touch with many of those who you have served your country with. They look up to you. You have served them all well. You could never be considered insignificant my friend!
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  • Jaded Lily silver member
    August 19, 2004
    After the week I have had I can definitely relate to this piece. So, stand tall and proud and keep writing so we can keep reading and enjoying. MLP...S
  • KeepDreaming
    August 19, 2004
    It's really nice. The feeling of being small and really somewhat insignificant is one that most people can relate to. The wording was great and the imagery really added to everything. I loved the way you describe something so small in the middle of something so big and made it relate to life. Everyone is but one small person in a world of over a billion. Great poem!!!

  • wishintreeUK
    August 19, 2004
    Chuck... it went the right way... even someone who feels they are insignificant, little realises that... our heavenly father sees all things... every hair on their head is numbered... loved it... ~Katie~