Poetry By Chuck



In the dark of the moon,
I sound a chrome tune.
I ride the back roads,
on a silver demon.

Up country lanes,
down lonely highways,
till way past midnight
alone on a bike.

Shattering the silence,
bringing a roar,
to isolated farm houses.
I soar!

Rounding the corners,
while controlling the beast,
twisting and turning,
feeding fear a feast.

Headlight shining,
but it can't keep up,
my bike is really flying,
taking all the ruts.

Then a shadow seems to leap at me.
A huge thing in my light.
I lunge to the side from it,
afraid of its bite.

Damn, that was close!
A heifer in the road.
Blocking traffic,
offering death for me.

The moon is shining,
along the ribbon of white.
I'm really flying,
even in poor light.

I see the freeway.
I'm faster then the cars,
that seem so far away.
I'm flying.

The wheels squeal in terror,
a turn I didn't quite make.
I shift the bike,
no time to hesitate.

Toss weight to the side,
Push, Pull the handlebars.
Just a touch of brake,
Damn! That was close.

I ride it down from 75.
Let it smooth out,
then glide.
Take a deep breath....

At the top of the rise,
I stop and watch,
the ribbon of traffic,
a Hawk in the notch.

Alone in the evening.
Far from city lights.
I've found my bit of heaven.
A place where I fly.

 All rights reserved, © Chuck Johnson. Copying without permission is forbidden.





Author's Questions/Comments
Hey! This is just another fantasy!   Having fun with life is not easy..but its fun!  I actually do this at night here in the desert.  I ride.  Last weekend I rode for 36 hours out of 48.  Two full evenings of Full Moon and riding.  Dang is that fun!  Alone with the shining moon and sun.  Only thing better will be when I'm not alone...course then I will be riding a different poem! lol.


 MagicLady on Sep 25, 2004, 7:13 p.m. 
Because Nice Matters!! 4399 critiques, 189 poems.

When you say, "This is just another fantasy." Do you mean that you don't really do these things? I used to ride a dirt bike when I was younger. Up into the woods in our back yard, into the fields. I loved going into the woods. I took many spills but never got hurt bad, just some bruises and cuts. It wasn't my bike, it was my brothers, so I would sneak it out when he wasn't home.  Once I had to push it home about a mile, cause I broke something. He never figured that one out. Course, he never knew I could ride at all. After all, I'm just the kid sister, afer all. 
Very nice poem, I enjoyed it, Chuck.


clear on Sep 29, 2004, 8:07 
I have silenced myself inside...for you 216 critiques, 15 poems.

wow..amazing...this is great write.
You describe really well on riding the bike...it flowed really well..good job..
l enjoyed reading this piece..t/c  

Dan5750 on Sep 29, 2004, 8:10 
Maybe music isn't dead... 166 critiques, 20 poems.

One thing before i start, i assume that when you say 'shinning' you mean 'shining' hehe, just a simple spelling error. Anyway, i loved this poem, i really felt as if i was riding through the empty, eerie moonlit streets at night. Moonlight is such a beautiful thing, especially when it illuminates entire empty cities at night, its so pretty, anyway, a very well written poem, especially considering you haven't actually done such a thing before (or so i assume by your writers comments). Thanks for sharing,   

 MagicLady on Sep 29, 2004, 8:11 
Because Nice Matters!! 4399 critiques, 189 poems.

Well, I see I read this already, but it was worth another read. I don't know if I applauded it before, but I will try again. I liked it the second time more than the first time. I like the sound the push pull that you keep using in your poems. Nice!


 sandygram on Sep 29, 2004, 8:13 
GOD MADE THE SUN SHINE FOR YOU TOO 6269 critiques, 1042 poems. Verdict: A REALLY COOL POEM

So you're the one who keeps waking me up at night.  This was an amazing poem. It felt like you were still riding. Wonderful imagary. Such a pleasure to read Take care, Sandy  

SacredMoon on Sep 29, 2004, 8:17 
Be true to your word! 2872 critiques, 190 poems.

Very beautiful write... mad me feel all at peace and such... started daydreaming  I loved this, the imagry was perfect. Great write   

 BonBon on Sep 29, 2004, 8:21 
Write on... Aim for the stars.. And eat chocolate. 388 critiques, 67 poems.

My son always enjoys his ride on his bike, his snowmobile and his good ole truck (2).
You took us on an exciting ride. Only one line I question, but my thinking may be wrong. Dah!
" A heifer in the street."

Now if you are on back roads, street sounds so cityfied. Maybe just me. Maybe a dusty road, a trail, ole country road."You are flying taking all the ruts." That sounds like a dirt road cause then you meet the heifer. Just an idea.
See Ya

 Anasuya on Sep 29, 2004, 8:40 
Woman Who Eats Man Skulls 5449 critiques, 155 poems.

Maybe it's just me, and it wasn't intentional on your part, but I just loved the irony of all these near death experiences while cruising, and then you end it with finding a piece of heaven in your own way. lol. Very very clever.  

Golgothas Blood on Sep 29, 2004, 8:46 
In the darkness you can feel the Howl of the Wolf 1659 critiques, 93 poems.

Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy the road and the night sky! there is just something about the night air that is so differnt then that of the day time air! You did a fine job discribing and the flow and rythem of the poem is great! Good job keep up the good work!  

openwindow on Apr 07, 2005, 12:21  
rage against the dying of the light 85 critiques, 44 poems.

this was pretty damn good. the imagrey in this is fantastic! you have chosen words to portray the sheer passion so well. im not generally into these kinds of poems but this one just grabbed me! the symbolisms and metaphores you have used, have really made it interesting. thanx for sharing. all the best *window*  

 mistic moonlite on Sep 26, 2005, 10:50 
Be some ones sunshine on a rainy day 4308 critiques, 503 poems.

wow! felt like getting on a harley and going down paths,highways great write Linda