Poetry By Chuck




On a rainy day.
When you're so very far away.
When life seems to be.
Full of reflections.

When I sit on the step,
to my home and the sun ends
As I watch the approaching storm,
and the rain begins.

Its not raining in my soul.
Nor raining in my mind.
Although it's getting me wet,
it's not something that I mind.

My thoughts are filled with you.
They carry me far from home.
Through the rain filled skies,
to the village by the ocean.

I imagine the walk along the bay.
I can almost see the way you sway.
To and fro, from side to side.
With grace and style.

Your image so clear, in my mind.
Your smile ...now mine.
I see your face.
Its beauty.

I, however, did find.
That what I truly love.
Is in your mind.
That flare, that personality.
Your attentions, your individuality.

Now soaked, clear through.
Soaked and wet and,
thinking of you.
I don't mind.

Author notes

Written September 6th, 2004



  • JenP
    September 7, 2004
    So cute! I love this. "It's not raining in my soul"--That's great! I just love this stuff. Awesome work you've done here.

  • Pierre Richards
    September 6, 2004


    I remember days like this when I felt so about a woman that even the rain felt good.
    Beautiful write here Chuck!
    This expresses so much feeling that mere words are hard to reply honestly!
    Wonderful tribute to love!

  • April Renee
    September 6, 2004
    omfreakinggosh....this is absolutely beautiful...i can actually see this as a very nice song...sorta blues and soul...but...as poem..just beautiful...loved it from start to finish...grand job

  • Sammers
    September 6, 2004
    Now soaked, clear through.
    Soaked and wet and,
    thinking of you.
    I don't mind.

    wow...i loved it...its very beautiful...it has really great flow and everything...you did a really great job on this...i can tell you really realate to this poem...great job! keep it up! although the picture and the background really offset each other...but that doesnt really matter...great job!
  • GrowinginFaith
    September 6, 2004
    This was a very beautiful write, and i loved the way that it flowed, it truly is amazing, and you have been blessed quite a bit i think. I love what you have done. Great write!
  • nirvanagirl107
    September 6, 2004
    wow that is really beautiful and so romantic hells yeah buddy
  • rhebell
    September 6, 2004
    omg, i luv this poem, it makes me feel so calm and peaceful, but at the same time i feel like i want to cry, i luv it!!! i know exactly how u feel, i feel that way almost everyday, i just didnt know how to put it in words, i thank you for doing it for me........i hope to read more like this!!!!! and i luv this awesome background!!!! keep it up!!!!
  • Iris Green
    September 6, 2004


    Awesome piece. It's very calming and it sorta slowly made it's way through me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait to read more of your work.

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    September 6, 2004
    Wow! That was awesome. I agree with Jet...this piece oozes such amazing tranquility and serenity. Truly very soothing and pleasing. GREAT background choice as well. This is simply breathtaking Chuck! (sigh)  
  • Jet
    September 6, 2004
    You make me envious of such tranquility.  Wonderfully penned. I really enjoyed this poem, thank you so much for sharing it with us.