Poetry By Chuck





I've traveled across the sea to places foreign to me.
I've hiked the wilderness of waves and walked along the shores edge
and I've ridden the miles between oceans and desert sand.
Yes, there are places I've not seen and I hope someday to finish my dreams.
I'm free and wild inside, but I'm bound,  by miles and life tides.
Humanity tugs my heart strings.  Yet, I'm lost in a sea of dreams.
Bring me home to the mountains and wash me ashore from the sea.
Carry me aloft on cloudy things and love me when I scream.
I've got a life and a will and I will live and sing.
I've fallen in love and when I walk beside her I'm a better man.
She has the  heart of a sun, a soul of a mountain, and a voice of a song
and she is lightly heard with a windy refrain and gently felt in a soft rain.
I've seen her weep and I've tasted her pristine creeks
and I've walked her trails and felt her thunder and misty veils.
She is my home, out here, where the stars shine far from hard times.
She accepts me as I am and is always my friend.
I ride alone on back roads and she is my home.