Poetry By Chuck



Kickstand Up

Missing image

There is that lingering doubt that always casts shadows
as we cruse the highways and listen to "Bad To The Bone"

Is there enough air
in my tires
Enough gas in my tank
Enough oil in my engine
Enough spark in my crank

Do I have enough tread
on my tires
Enough warm clothing packed
Enough sunscreen to protect
Enough so I don't lack

And for miles across the desert and along the highways tarmac
we revisit and revisit the doubts keep coming back

Do I have the right directions
to get to the shack
Enough aspirin or Tylenol
for the ache in my back
Or a heart attack

Is there enough air
in my shocks
Enough shine on my chrome
Enough battery in my camera
Enough battery in my phone

Miles pass in endless parade and the thoughts just won't go away
A pit stop is my only solution to correct any disarray

So, I enter the gas station
and stretch off the seat
Crinkles from my pants
grab a quick treat

Check my ride for it's problems eliminate a checklist of doubt
All is good and ready then once again in route

Is there enough food
for an emergency
Enough bandaid's and wraps
Enough compresses and tape
Enough compression in those straps

Ah! Thoughts of "Enough" plague each miles length
Thoughts of "Enough"; "God! Give me strength!"