Poetry By Chuck



Lies A Soldier

Missing image
In the dark and the mist
of a winters cold ditch
lies a soldier

His eyes open and unseeing
his mouth silently screaming
His soul has departed
his body lies uncharted
and the count incomplete
on a headquarters receipt
details only defeat
in a frozen retreat

In the dark and the mist
of a winters cold ditch
lies a soldier

Skin white and stretched tight
a frozen unseen sight
of a lost soul on a winters night
somewhere in a forest of fright
lies a soldier
His future ended
and his loves suspended
and he was lost to us all
in this place where he crawled
Seeking safety from the brawl
of wars horrific appall

In the dark and the mist
of a winters cold ditch
lies a soldier...


The purpose of writing this one is to display the tragic end that so many receive in war.   The loss of all they were and all they could be.   They end in a ditch which symbolizes the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the tragic end those undocumented hero's received.

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  • CJRyall
    3 hours ago

    Wow, Chuck. You really paint a picture, and tell a story at the same time, all within poetic prose. It's so emotional and dramatic, and yet sadly realistic. Well done. Warmest regards my friend,


  • JoyceRugely silver member
    2 days ago

    This is most heart wrenching and telling!
    It saddens my heart for all of these dear souls. It must not have been easy to write, either yet, it is the truth.

  • kerrypn gold member
    December 3

    The poignancy and rawness work so well together. The repetition of your opening stanza is sheer brilliance, it really adds to the sadness felt by the reader. A very emotive and clever depiction of something extremely topical, I really enjoyed this.

  • M0ofi3 gold member
    December 3

    Had to read this when I saw the title in "Featured". I thought this a write worthy of its subject, as it honors them who keep for our freedoms that we take for granted.