Poetry By Chuck



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He was only twelve when he stood beside the sea.
Trying to be artful and create a memory.
His brush draws Mickey and his crew.
Dancing and prancing in the sandy slew.

They caper and hop with funny little pops!
Across his paper he paints then stops.
His imagination sees in clouds their forms.
His eyes imagine things far from norm.

I wish thinks he with tongue in cheek,
That I could a cartoon geek.
Then I could dance with Mickey today,
and prance the entire afternoon away!

Donald now walks about like a duck.
His feet are to wide for his luck.
He tumbles and falls like a nut.
Then stands up with determined puck!

Minnie is there like all good Mom's.
She shows her support to little Tom.
But, Tommy has left our paper fun.
His imagination has wandered...
His afternoon has just begun!

Author notes

Ah! Little Tommy is playing again I see.
His imagination is there for all to see.
Dancing with Mickey by the sea.
Little Tommy...with you I wish I could be!

Sometimes after listening to the daily news...you just want to escape.
Written October 8th, 2004



  • Nicely done, Chuck. Playful and fun. Does this come just from your imagination? Either way, I enjoyed it very much.

    I would recommend writing the word twelve rather than using 12. It throws the visual looks of the poem off. I forget the number cut off, but you are suppose to write out smaller numbers. Just a thought.


    I got lost in the poem, had to edit it....sorry

    Edited on Oct 12, 7:10 p.m. because ''.

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    October 8, 2004
    I like this a lot. It's always a pleasure to read something playful and carefree and not have to spend twenty deciphering the meaning. This has a way of filling the heart with that youthful silliness you see here in the image. You did a wonderful job with this one Chuck! It's good to read something like this from your pen.    

  • Jaded Lily silver member
    October 8, 2004