Poetry By Chuck



With the sun in our eyes each curve of the road
will bring another surprise and life will pass us by
as we ride the sunsets just you and I
we ride by

Your beauty can never hide behind a helmets shield
and you can't hide that feeling that you feel
nor deny, the inevitable instinctive appeal
our bodies broadcast in cascading emotional zeal
for each other...together

Miles pass in broken white lines
Mountains pass in staggered rocky inclines
Rivers and lakes bring beauty to the day
and the sun shines above painting orange
as if to say, "I love you", in rainbow ways
today....and maybe tomorrow

Gather your thoughts and gather round
Bring your friends as we ride through town
follow us as together we fly
follow us as our hearts speed by
because we love each other
in endless surprise

Hearts on our sleeves
Souls carried on the breeze
The motors sound our only song
We don't converse,
silence is never wrong
Love is strong

Now its time to pass
and the miles go fast
as we ride the beast
feeding fear a feast
together, but now forever