Poetry By Chuck




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Across the deep
the vessel creeps
Propelled by wind
and waves

Men live aboard
and die so bored
Killed by lack of skill
and skulduggery

But, an Idea is driving
a floating twig striving
An idea that "we"
are the only history

Across the deep
this vessel creeps
Driven by Manifest

God tears
and men wear fears
When Nature
touches with lightning

Waves break
and men ache
As bent and broke
the ship spoke

Of splinters and slivers
of wet and shivers
and alarm is spread
on a ship already dead

Yet, with onward strive
they try to hide
Their feelings of

Then in a sudden rush
a wave does crush
and drives men
to a watery slaughter

Thus the manifesto reads
"All men take heed.
Dare not to venture
far from home.

For your plight in life
is to die in fright.
Rather then seek
a grave covered in loam."

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