Poetry By Chuck



This page is to honor a lost love.   Forever in my heart though not in my mind. 

Margareth and I shared a short time together, but it was beautiful in its simplicity, 

complex in its relationships, and wonderful in its moments. 

Thank you, Margareth

for such terrific memories. 

I wish, for you, the best the world has to offer and all the time in the world to enjoy it.



Sometimes I think of her Late into the night.
Who was this beautiful woman. Who so captivated my life.

That time when sleep has faded away.
The ghost of her image haunts me to this day.

The most beautiful woman I've ever kissed.
Away from me she has fled across time's indeterminate mists.

Her vague form So reflective of her soul.
Shapely and shapeless, takes of me a horrible toll.

A pleasure of emotion, a pain of loss.
A hell of our making.  Forever our loss.



When all seems against you
as the days of winter approach
and the sun seems to abandon
you, please know it isn't so.

When your attitude seems to suffer
from the trials of life and its woe
and the pressures seem too taxing,
We'll be there you know.

With a smile of happiness for you to see
and a kiss for your sweet face
and a hug of support to be
just a token of strength for free.

Gather your wonderful thoughts,
your treasured memories
and also gather your friends
and wrap all of them in a bundle of love
and you'll have the most wonderful bouquet,

...given by God Above.

For there is a strength in friends and Love,
a strength that comes from above.
Given freely to that special person they love
Margareth Peggy Demery, our beautiful dove.


The most famous & award winning poem I've ever written was about Margareth.  I wrote it at the height of our short relationship, but it remains true today.  

It is also true of all who love. 

It's title is :



You might have loved me
   If you had known me
If you had ever known my mind
  If you would have walked
Through my Dreams and Memories
  Who knows what Treasures
You might have found
Yes, you might have loved me
  If you had known me
If you had only
 Taken the time

"I wish for you a life full of living and a heart full of love." M.P.D.

I love you Margareth Peggy Demery and you cannot change that.  Had our relationship worked out, the future was ours to create.  But, when you leave a relationship, I always try to do so with pride, head held high knowing I've done the best I could to make it work.    Each person you meet is different in some way, its those ways that make us unique and special.   Sometimes we connect with our love at the right time in our lives..... sometimes we don't.  

Thank you for a wonderful time and beautiful memories, Margareth.


Your friend.