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Mon Amour

Les lumières de quai brillent sur l'eau, plus brillante alors la lueur de lune pleine. Mais, son le ressac roulant interminable qui attire notre attention avec son argemment flux. Les couches de lune sont renversées des vagues tendent pour les miles à travers la baie. La démonstration d'une beauté seulement nos yeux peuvent voir, la beauté qui est la mer. Le rugissement du ressac est étourdissant aux oreilles comme il transmet son message de milliards d'années, les générations, et les années. L'est vrai que la mer a été faite pour les nous. Le fait a lancé sa lueur de saphire parce que nos yeux seront obligé à voir là-bas.

Hélas, c'est perdu à moi. Je vois seulement vos yeux. ...when je regarde la mer.

My love

The pier lights shine upon the water, brighter then the full moon glow.
But, its the endless rolling surf that attracts our attention with its silverly flow.
The layers of moon tipped waves stretch for miles across the bay.
Showing a beauty only our eyes can see, the beauty that is the sea.
The roaring of the surf is thunderous to the ears as it conveys its message of eons, generations, and years.
Is it true that the sea was made for you and me.
Does it cast its saphire glow because our eyes are there to see.

Alas, tis lost to me. I only see your eyes....when I look at the sea.

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  • Touchof1der gold member
    July 22, 2005
    WoW! I like it! How very sexy and romantic! Thank you !

  • Touchof1der gold member
    July 22, 2005
    Accckkkk!!!! I know this is distorted.    I need a GOOD interpretter!

    My Love

    The --- lights shine on water, more brilliant then the moon glimmer full. --- --- the unending rolling --- that attracts my attention with his --- flows. The put to bed moon are reversed waves stretch for the miles through the bay. The demonstration of a beauty only our eyes can see, the beauty that is the sea. The --- of the --- is stunning to the ears as it transmits his billion message years, the generations, and the years. The true east that the sea was done for the we. The does launched his glimmer of saphire because our eyes will be obliged to see over there.

    .... I see only your eyes. ...When I look at the sea.

    What I can decipher is most interesting. 
    ♥ Kimberly

  • fool no1
    July 22, 2005
    Me too Chuck, though from the few words I recognise It comes across as a beautifull love poem, and I'm sure as with your other poems this holds great meaning. Take care...mal

  • BattleOfBlood
    July 21, 2005
    I understood some of this, just random phrases and words. But I can tell it must be a great write. And in such a beautiful language to. Keep on writing.
    Blessed be,