Poetry By Chuck



When the tall ships dance in Morro Bay,
They make sail and then float away.
Their flags in the breezes gently sway.
caressed by the invisible filling waves.

The masts reach skyword elegantly.
Into the sky with stabbing certainty.
The sails look like billowing clouds.
Filled with loving invisibility.

Pushed from behind by the very air.
The boats ride the waves far from there.
Like pleasure yachts from long ago.
Or pirate ships buried down below.

The wives watch as the ship departs.
Taking sons and husbands far from port.
Each with thoughts of what could happen.
Yet each with solid determination.

The boys learn to be good men.
The men carry out well laid plans.
The journey now just begins.
The ocean cares not for any of them.

I wish you were here in my arms.
I wish we were exploring each others charms.
I wish We could dine along the way.
Strolling the pier where I will certainly say.
"Your beautiful in the sunset today!"
Just before I kiss you by Morro Bay.
While gathering sea shells as we play.
Here in the small seaside town of Morro Bay.

Author notes

This is a quaint little town that streaches along the coastline in rememberance of those sailing ship days.  The perfect place for a romantic meeting.  Its unique harbor contains large weathered mountains who's remains stand starkly against the stricking blue sky.  This background is a picture of Morro Bay.
Written September 10th, 2004


  • BonBon silver member
    September 20, 2004
    I like your poem you have here. In July of last year the Tall Ships came to Ohio. The beauty took my breath away.The one I liked the best was the Nina.So strong and lovely. I wrote a poem about The Tall Ships and had it printed in the paper. They did a good job. Right across the page from my poem they had a picture of one of the ships.
    I think I'll post it. When you have the time check it out.

  • Wildequill
    September 10, 2004
    Refreshing topic - purty pic indeed. Amazing how some places just have that mystical feel about them.. an identity of their own, that effect all who venture within their grasp. My grandfather ran away from home in Wales and joined a Lime-juicer at the age of 13 - I could well imagine him sailing into this bay around the turn of the century..

  • Trellis
    September 10, 2004


    Being a native Californian, and having traveled up and down our coast a bazillion times - I know Morro Bay quite well! You have descibed it's essence perfectly! It is a very romantic place. I have warm memories of huddling together on a fogging day, eating clam chowder out of a sourdough bread bowl. Simple pleasures are the best! I don't know what the fascination is with that big "rock", but it draws people like a magnet. Myself included. Something mystical no doubt. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip back to a cool place! You did an outstanding job of writing!
  • Nicole Hanna
    September 10, 2004
    How lovely. Now you've made me want to call up a travel agent and make arrangements. There weren't subliminal messages in there was there? I think you've expressed the feeling perfectly and really drew the reader in with this one. Great writing.

  • cubert
    September 10, 2004
    Ah, a lovely work. I honeymooned in Morro Bay, and I must say I agree completely. It is an excellent place for romance. And seafood..lol..Very nicely done!

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    September 10, 2004
    As Cheryl has already stated, this is very beautiful Chuck. It's certainly easy to see why she was so carried away with your words. Nice job...

  • MagicLady silver member
    September 10, 2004
    Chuck, This is so very dreamy. When can we meet? Sorry, got carried away by the romance of your poem. The poem is wonderful. I was really distracted by the background. The words did not quite match up with the light areas. I had to highlight to read some of it. I am not crazy about the blue photo with the brown background. That is the artist in me. My humble opinion. The poem is lovely...so lovely.

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