Poetry By Chuck



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When I first saw her,
I realized I was in love.
In love with the way she walked,
the way she talked.

I was amazed at her ability
to ride like the devil himself,
around corners on that Harley
that would toss a man to his death.

I could not keep up with her.  
When she was riding that huge bike
and despite my abilities
I could not keep her in sight.  

How could I ask her for a date
when she was so much better then I.
Her body tiny, compared to mine
she could ride the edge of a spinning dime.

So I didn’t ask.  Being afraid of rejection.
But, later I could not live with myself,
so I emailed her
for permission.

She responded with a timid reply
kind of like, "Who are you that writes so nice?"
I gave her my name,
and a link to my poetry website.

She said, "Why should I go out with you?"
"Who are you that I should?"
I said, "Read my poetry
and I will be understood."

Then I began to write
poems that came from my heart.
I wrote them in many places.
Scenic places gave me a start

I wrote of her beauty.
I wrote of her spirit
which shines like the sun
and I wrote poems of her
just for fun.

I still write them
they even rhyme.
I write them about her
each and every time.

We will soon be married
and live our lives in the sun
ridin' our bikes together
and having fun!


Author notes

Peggy replied:  "You make me feel so beautiful."
Written November 2nd, 2005

Margareth Peggy Demery passed away from Cancer