Poetry By Chuck




Missing image
She died two years ago
I've not replaced her you know
She was all my heart could hear
and I wish I could still hold her near
She was the sunshine when I woke
She was the song every bird spoke
She was the breath of love in the wind
Now she is gone my lifelong friend
Cancer took her all too soon
Now the sun will never reach noon
She filled my thoughts every day
and now I can only say...

I miss you

I remember our very first date
It was on a bike and I did a double take
You were so beautiful parked next to me
Now you ride in heaven, riding free
Pumpkin, you were a sweet mellons taste
I remember the kisses and your lovely face
I wish I was there where you are
Soon... the cliff edge is not too far


  • CaliOkie silver member
    October 5, 2008
    Only someone who has lost a soul mate can understand the depth of your grief. Celebrate her everyday and hold precious that part of yourself that only she could touch. Her love is all the proof you'll ever need that you are someone special.

    There is a place waiting for you both where there is neither sorrow nor tears.

    Take care.


  • lencio-sunchild
    October 4, 2008
    Mark Rickerby and myself would more or less think the same way. Even when I experienced the only death in my family - my sister's husband it took a while what I now believe in, that when our loved ones are dead, they are always living with us invisibly. This thought alone will give you the strength that you need to on on with life. May her soul rest in peace and may your heart and mind at ease. this is beautiful to have missed.

    And drive drive to close to the cliff edge...our minds are watching you! Take care, God bless

    Love and light,

  • luvdrkchocolate
    September 18, 2008
    Oh. This is quite a sad poem that you have going on here. It's seem like these days that everyone is dying of cancer. Every time I turn around I hear about it every where. It kind of makes me feel scared. But this poem is very pretty and I'm sure if she could read it, it would make her very happy to read such kind and gentle thoughts from you. You did a good job of expressing yourself here.

    • Chuck Johnson silver member
      September 18, 2008
      Thank You. I write in the moments of reflections and when dark passages divide. I hope she see's it.

  • Taodesteve
    September 14, 2008
    There is beauty in life, it is true.

    But there is beauty in death as well, for without death there would be no life. No sun in the sky, no you and no I.

    You miss her for what she was, but know that she lives on, in you and in everyone else that she touched.

    Death is not the end of the story, it is releasing the pen and stepping away, letting the story make it's own path. Death is watching your child leave your home fully grown.

    Death is the future.

    But you're not yet done with your story, appreciate the classic that your lover's story was. Re-read it from time to time, but continue on and write your story.

    For it needs to be added to the great chronicles of life. So that it may be read far into the future, and so that maybe, just maybe, it will inspire another.

  • wolfwatcher
    September 13, 2008
    I cant imagine the pain that would be involved. I have lost someone close to me, but to lose your wife, thats got to be worse. It was a very very good write!!! I LOVED the last whole stanza, it was awesome. As well as these two lines " She was the sunshine when I woke
    She was the song every bird spoke." Again, very well done!!!

  • MysticWillPower gold member
    September 13, 2008

    when one looses

    a love of a life time, it will never be replaced, but to gain a friend of another lifetime, it will be cherished,as we know, time does heal,even though part of the heart isvacant, keep on putting the wind to your face and hit the breaks when you feel the pressure, listen to the sea breeze, it is whispering be happy....

    very heart felt!
    good luck in the contest

  • Mark Rickerby gold member
    September 12, 2008
    This is beautiful, Chuck. I think the best way to honor those we've lost is to live that much more for them and imagine they're still beside us. I order a beer for my brother sometimes when I go out and put it in front of the empty chair. It's always good for a strange look from the waitress. Great poem, my friend. I'll give you a ring over the weekend. Work was a muthah this week.


    P.S. Stay away from that cliff edge! And I say that for purely selfish reasons. Good friends are hard to come by in this world.