Poetry By Chuck



When I walk among the trees
I smell the scents of nature
I see the way she nurtures life
and I love the way she sustains me
She caresses me with sound
and the happy sounds abound

A chipmonk serenades me
with a chirping refrain
He may be upset with me
as i traverse his domain
I stop and see an ant hill
So busy, like a million bees
They scurry back and forth
carrying more then they can eat
That sure is neat

My steps bring me to a deep woodland glade
I wonder among the ferns and pines

Dust coats my shoes
once so shiny and new

I like it

This is where I grew
No matter how far I roam
No matter how far I stray
I know that when I return
I know this...
is where I want to stay.
I'm so glad to be here today.

The shadows create sunbeams
that shine through the canopy
illuminating with light
a million natural delights
This is a journey of discovery
for there is so much life
from the moss to the deer
some silent and some I hear

and something as simple

as a meandering stream

has always been

the essence of my dreams

I walk looking around
not forgetting to look up
and down

I wish to discover the wonders
to taste the treasures
to avoid the dangers
to experience all of nature

Is nature a woman
or a man
Is nature a spirit
or God's plan

I don't know

I only know that I love
the way things are done
from shaded glens
to meadows in the sun
From the warm wind
to the cloud dappled sky
and even the chill
of a deep winter freeze
I love it all
I'll have more.



Come walk with me

and dance in the midday sun

Take deep breaths

and join in the fun.


Author Notes:

Just wanted to express my appreciation of that which we have been given for free.


shewolfnative silver member
October 22
Oh beautifully penned.... I lvoe the sense of being loved by our Mother that strolls through this poem to hold me.

Griswold silver member
October 22

  • Very nicely done for the given prompt, an excellent and softly flowing write of nature and its beauty... best of luck...Scott