Poetry By Chuck






A full moon shines overhead
and I leave my gal, wishing time instead
with the second love of my life,
quality time with a Goldwing in flight.

Nothing matches the sensation of this nightmare
Surrounded by dark foreboding
miles that pass in silent review
not that I really care

The white line my only companion
It flashes by with hypnotizing regularity
and I ignore its alluring temptations
and relish natures dark canyons.

The road disappears in the dark
and things sometimes jump or fly
some far, some near
giving me a pounding heart

Such as that old barn owl that flew by
right over my windshield
and past my shoulder
I hope he doesn't retry

Or that deer
Quick frozen to a startled stance
Him and I
I wonder who had more fear

Certainly we would both lose
each dying a sudden death
blood and tissue

But, he misses his mark
and I fly by
didn't even have time to brake
Him or I

Too close to soon, too late
not even time to hesitate
Damn, my eyes are heavy
Two AM, somewhere a bed awaits

I hit the freeway
doing one hundred and ten
passing dark twin beam cages
that give leeway

But, I'm tried and slow my speed
getting hard to control
this dashing, metallic

Then from behind a speeding black and white
catching and slowing in my rear sight
I think he was hoping to catch up to me
perhaps determined to lengthen my night

He must be frustrated as he pulls along side
But, I'm already below the limit
now a detailed inspection
as he checks out my ride

No...no broken or missing lights
Registration current
Insurance paid
I continue into the night

The freeway brings me home
and I unsaddle
and pause next to the beast
God, I love the chrome



  • Wolfdog gold member
    right now


    'tis a fine write, for you have expressed your thoughts quite well with excellent imagery. Your title reminds me of that old TV show: "Knight Rider". Thanks for sharing this one.