Poetry By Chuck



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Under vaulted skies of stained concrete,
with a face of reflected molten hard hues.
Mental scars coalesce...
...the rage inside.

When time slows to a heavy ramble of lazy tick-tocks,
...he ponders.

With eyes misted over like pearled moons...
...loving it.

Dreaming in the colour of rain
...abet dry.

Knee deep in the grime of his own making

The tears spatter his cold cheeks endlessly,
he cries in fustration, this monster.
He feeds the obsession, watching it grow

Author notes

'Cruelty has a human heart'
Torture has a human hand
Murder has a human intent
all crimes committed by man.

The bars of his prison
cannot confine
the imagination of his
sick and twisted mind.

Inside our prisons are the most horrible of creatures, those who will prey upon children.  They committed their crimes and even after and during their punishments they continue to dream of more such "fun".    Their targets are our kids, their intentions are insane, their options are "opportunity" and they will never change.  They gather pictures from magazines, cut and past them inside books to hide them from searches, commit and plot their crimes in heads lacking in guilt.  Gather your kids close and keep them supervised.  These animals are watching your sidewalks, malls, and school yards.

All rights reserved, © Charles A Johnson
Written November 23rd, 2005


  • Starhiker
    December 2, 2005
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    There are monsters out there, and I do not mean those hiding under the beds. Thank you for sharing this poem with us, showing us the mind of such a monster. I applaud you! Best of luck in the contest!  Jim

  • wishintreeUK
    November 25, 2005
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    This is spot on Chuck, our children are never safe from the depravaities of the ones who live their lives seeking to devour them with their evil deeds! we read of these wicked things happening, yet the mind finds it difficult to imagine that a human being could even begin to entertain such wicked, twisted thoughts, let alone acutally entice our children into becoming dependant on the drugs they peddle, or lead them into the snares of their depraved minds that they feel needs to be satisfied at the cost of a child's innocence.We can never forget to remind ourselves and our children that these monsters are out there, waiting to devour someone.

    Well Done for bringing this to the fore Chuck.


  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    November 25, 2005
    WoW! This is one very powerful message but one that we all need to be reminded of now and again. Especially with the holidays and the hectic schedules and shopping and kids running amuck on sugar highs and excitement. If only one person heeds this message... it is worth getting the message out there. Good job on this one.
    ♥ Touchof1der

  • Fool no1
    November 24, 2005
    Agreeing whole heartedly with you on this one Chuck.This is a very powerfull piece that brings home a part of all societies that sickens me to the core. Reading this I thought not only of my own grandchildren but of the countless other poor souls that have been , and indeed still are being abused by these deplorable excuses of humanity. Can't for the life of me begin to understand why they arn't PTS. Well done for bringing this to the fore...Excellent...Mal
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  • Sylvyrwyng
    November 23, 2005
    LOL>. I do love the creative mind. This is great! What a way to make a poem. Original and thought provoking. great work and please keep it up. I like this and good luck in the contest. Hugs, Sylvyr