Poetry By Chuck



What is it about the ocean that draws us near.
What is it that whispers to us..."Come here." "Come here."
Could it be that the ocean is but a solitary tear.
How does the beauty of its splendor suddenly appear.
Do our minds deceive us...apparently austere.
A bountiful loneliness associated to our fears.
Or are our spirits tied to it...as are our tears.


Author notes

I was once told that every drop of moisture (water) that has ever been on this planet is still here....interesting comment.
Written December 9th, 2004


  • SummerKissed
    January 8, 2005 
    Whenever I am feeling sad I am drawn
    to the water. It comforts me. The
    ocean as a tear is an interesting
    thought. Cool poem, nicely done, now
    i want to read more!

  • Runawaytrain
    December 24, 2004
    Your imagery is beautiful in here. Yes, there is a special relationship between man and the ocean. Whenever I am reminded of how small I am, and there is supposedly the same porportion of salt in our tears as there is in the ocean. That seems significant to me.

  • wishintreeUK
    December 9, 2004


    Chuck, this is so beautiful a write, the power of the ocean in all its entirety, including its moods and the effect it has on the individual is truly awesome!
    Especially is the sunset on the ocean exqusite, the beauty of the colour as it taints the water is something to behold, tis timeless and breathless.
    You have caught the mood of the graphic you have used to the full.
    You have rounded out your poem so well at the end of your last stanza.
    Well Done! I truly love this one.

  • Fool no1
    December 9, 2004
    This is beautifull Chuck,so serene is the background that combined with the words creates an inner feeling of our attatchments to the wonders of this world. So many times when I've been to the coast i spend hours just walking the beach or sitting on the sand. I can get everything into perspective there. Excellent write and it's good to see your work again. Take care and a merry Christmas to you and yours. ,,,mal

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    December 9, 2004
    Whoa! Check it out!! It's so wonderful to see something new posted by you Chuck! I think the ocean, like the mountains and all the many other wonders of nature, call out to all of us, all the time. I think there's something within us that naturally draws us. I am truly , truly pleased to see this new piece penned by you.