Poetry By Chuck



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My stars are shining overhead
and the rest of me is white and red
I wear an eagle on my crown
While standing tall above the ground.

I can smell the gun smoke in the air
Sometimes, I think its just not fair
That so many have such a heavy price to bare
and so many just don't care

The night brings only vague rustling sounds
Each causes me concern and a frown
I've been in so many bloody wars
Revolutionary, Civil, and many more

I cry each time my sons and daughters die
Tears stain as I bid them goodbye
The wind flatters me when it blows
I know they're watching and I'm proud they know

How much I love them, despite their jeers
How much I cherish them, all their years
I watch as they fight and persevere
Against odds that cause others to disappear
They stand and fight for what they believe
and honor me, by saluting me
My heart breaks as they fall
Their souls rise above us all
 To those who've fallen, I've one thought
You've died, but please don't be distraught
For your country is the greatest of them all
Your flag is flying because of your fall 

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    • Katie Lazette
      7 hours ago
      I give you a standing ovation for your wonderful poem. I hope you get a lot of reads from around the world. This is an excellent poem.

    • I love this

      you put every emotion that I share in saluting our flag and the United States OF America, beautiful entry
      thank you and good luck

    • monkey3243
      July 3
      wow! really good